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This is a new section. Includes general information, education, technique, products, history, and more. Such as… instant yeast vs. active dry yeast… how to use bakeware to shape rolls… the history of no-knead bread… etc. This is the beginning and I will be working on it over the year.

Attributes of a Poor Man’s Dutch Oven (PMDO)… How to make your PMDO

Want to make a “poor man’s Dutch oven” (PMDO)… here are a few tips. (May 15, 2020 – 3:04)


Quick No-Knead Bread Overview (Narrative) The purpose of this video is to provide a quick overview of no-knead bread. We’ll discuss the advantages of no-knead bread, the two basic methods, and unique techniques that make it even easier… complete with examples. (Mar 2015 – 2:50 min)

How to Proof Bread Dough (a.k.a. The Dynamics of Proofing) (Narrative) Here’s a quick video that on the dynamics of proofing bread dough which includes a little discussion on proofing methods including… direct sunlight, oven setting, oven light, microwave proofing, and preheated oven.(Dec 2014 – 4:37 min)

Quick History of No-Knead Bread (Including New Developments in Technique)

Here’s a quick history of no-knead bread. Surprising thing is… our ancestor have been baking no-knead bread for years. Video includes copies of old recipes and recent developments in technique. (Feb 2015 – 8:08)

How to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Skillet (updated)

No Dutch oven…. no problem, you can bake no-knead bread in a skillet. This updated video has significantly improved (simplified) the technique for baking no-knead artisan bread in a skillet. I baked one loaf in a skillet (as the title indicates) and one in a metal bread. (Dec 2019 – 9:56)

How to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Toaster Oven (no mixer… no bread machine… “hands-free” technique)

No oven… no problem… you can bake no-knead bread in a toaster oven. For those with limited kitchens and those of you who don’t want to turn the oven on because it heats the house in the summer. (Sept 2016 – 6:24)

Sandwich Bread Baked in a Poor Man's Dutch Oven

How to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Poor Man’s Dutch Oven (no mixer… no bread machine)

Want a Dutch oven that will shape sandwich bread… no problem… use a “poor man’s Dutch oven”. Bread making doesn’t get any easier than this… no mixer or bread machine (I’ll make it in a bowl)… no-kneading (Mother Nature will do the kneading for me)… “Turbo” method (it will be ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours)… “hands-free” technique (that’s right… I won’t even touch the dough)… no shaping (I’ll let the “poor man’s Dutch oven” shape the loaf for me). How easy is that? (June 2015 – 6:03)

World’s Easiest Homemade Dinner Rolls (No-Kneading and bakeware will shape the rolls for you)

Making dinner rolls doesn’t get any easier than this. No-kneading (Mother Nature does the kneading for you), “Turbo” method (ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours), “hands-free” technique to make the DOUGH (that’s right… I won’t even touch the dough until I roll it out of mixing bowl to divide into portions), no shaping (just “plop” the portions into the pan and walk away). How easy is that? (May 2015 – 6:07)

Perfect Little Pizza

How to Make Homemade Perfect Little 9” Pizza in a Toaster Oven (No-Knead “Turbo” Pizza Dough)

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to make pizza dough. Just mix… wait… and poof, you have pizza dough. In fact… sometimes we spend more time running around getting a pizza than it takes to make great tasting pizzas. And the cost of the ingredients to make pizza dough is less than $1. (Mar 2015 – 6:02)

Bread Machine Bread without a Bread Machine

How to Make Bread Machine Bread without a Bread Machine

Bread is so easy to make that our ancient ancestors discovered it by accident and they didn’t have electricity. In this video I’m going to show you how you can replace the bread machine with a glass bowl and a plastic spoon and you won’t have a silly little paddle stuck in the bottom. (Dec 2014 – 6:23)

How to Garnish & Baste

How to Garnish & Baste No-Knead Bread using “Hands-Free” Technique

Garnishing & basting is really, really, easy when you use the “hands-free” technique and it can make your loaves special. (Nov 2014 – 3:34 minutes)

IntroTo Making No-Knead Bread In Batches

Introduction to Making No-Knead Bread in Batches (For Restaurants, Bake Sales, Family Reunions…)

Can’t afford expensive equipment… no problem… you can make a batch of artisan quality bread, dinner rolls, sandwich rolls and baguettes in a bucket with a spatula. To make it even easier… I designed the recipe around a 5 lb bag of flour so that I wouldn’t have to do a lot of measuring… then I took a large pitcher and marked 60 oz on the side which makes measuring water fast and convenient. This cookbook is ideal for restaurants, bake sales, family reunions and other special occasions. Very unique… one-of-a-kind video. (Aug 2014 – 7:25 minutes)

Intro To Baking No Knead Bread In Bread Pans

Introduction to Baking No-Knead Bread in Bread Pans

If you want to use the “traditional” method for making no-knead bread in a bread pan… this it an excellent video with ingredients, technique, and baking temperature & times specifically designed for the bread pan. I formed the dough using the “traditional” method, then proofed the dough in an 8-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ loaf pan (it isn’t necessary to preheat an uncovered baking vessel). I think you’ll like this video… it’s different. (July 2014 – 6:36)

How to Shape & Bake Sandwich Rolls

How to Use Bakeware to Shape & Bake No-Knead Sandwich Rolls

Have trouble shaping your rolls? No problem… you can use bakeware to shape your rolls for you. This video takes the world’s easiest bread recipe (4 ingredients… no mixer… no kneading… no yeast proofing) and demonstrates how technique and bakeware can be used to shape the sandwich rolls for you. It will expand your world of no-knead roll making, stimulate your imagination, and please your palate. (June 2014 – 7:19 minutes).

Classic White Bread

No-Knead Classic White Bread Baked in a Bread Pan

In the video I demonstrate how to convert a “Betty Crocker” classic white bread recipe to the no-knead method. Because of the popularity of this video… I made “Introduction to Baking No-Knead Bread in Bread Pans” in which I use the ingredients, technique, baking time & temperature I recommend. (Jan 2013 – 8:52)

Introduction to Quick Beer Bread (The Muffin You Can Serve as a Dinner Roll)

Introduction to Quick Beer Bread (a.k.a. Beer Bread Dinner Rolls)

The purpose of this video was to demonstrate the difference between “quick” bread (use baking soda and baking powder as leavening agents), and “yeast bread” which uses yeast as a leavening agent.

As you search the web you’ll find there are two types of beer breads… yeast and quick. I use a yeast no-knead recipe for my bakery quality beer breads and this quick beer bread recipe for my muffins when I need to whip something up quickly. Oh, I heard what you were thinking… you think quick breads are for winey boys, but it ain’t necessarily so. The first time I had quick beer bread it was served as dinner roll in a pub restaurant. I was so pleased… I asked for the recipe. Just because something is quick and easy doesn’t mean it isn’t good eats. (May 2012 – 6:27 minutes)

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  1. What is the depth in inches of the cast iron Dutch oven that you bake your bread in??

    1. I currently use a Lodge Enameled 3 qt cast iron Dutch oven (9-1/2” around x 3-1/8” deep). The older Dutch oven used to be around 5″ deep. Steve

  2. Steve,

    Thank you for these recipes!

    I just bought a 5 qt Dutch oven. How do I scale up the ingredients?
    I’ve made your standard bread in loaf pan, with 3.5 cups of flour.

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