Because I am starting to get question regarding my website, I decided to separate website and blog questions from bread, baking and cooking.

Back in 2011 I decided to make a no-knead bread video. I had no experience so I floundered around learning how to use a video camera and produce a video and on February 27, 2012 I download my first video to YouTube. And by the end of the year I had download 17 videos and had a little over 30,000 views. Nothing special, but it was a hobby. I use an inexpensive camera for filming and use CyberLink PowerDirector to produce the videos. You don’t need a special camera for filming and I can’t really recommend a video editor because I have only used the one and I can’t say I’m necessary that thrilled with it… but in all fairness the version I am using is probably 10 years old. I don’t necessarily want to go through the learning curve of the upgrades.

Philosophy: Don’t focus on profit. Focus on customer service (profit is the byproduct of customer service). No popup screens… they irritate viewers. And don’t have so many ads that it will take 5 minutes to open.

Host: I had difficulty with my original consultant so I changed to

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