Traditional Videos

“Traditional” No Knead Bread Videos… proof for 8 to 24 hours (updated & newer videos on top)

American Baguettes (updated)

In France bread is a religion to the point where law prohibits bakers from using fat or oil in long loaves and boules. French bread must be made simply… with water, salt and yeast and flour, while Italian breads typically include olive oil. Thus, I call my long loaves… American baguettes and generally include extra virgin olive oil. I used 2 Matfer double loaf French bread pans to make these loaves. (June 2020 – 9:41)

No-Knead Cinnamon Raisin Bread (updated)

Homemade fresh from the oven cinnamon raisin bread is a great way to start your day. And, when guests stay overnight, my wife wants them to wake up to the aroma of fresh from the oven cinnamon raisin bread filling the house. This video demonstrates how to make no-knead cinnamon raisin bread in a “poor man’s Dutch oven”.(April 2020 – 7:18)

No-Knead Classic Dinner Rolls (updated)

Fresh-from-the-oven dinner rolls… what a terrific compliment to your dinner. Video demonstrates how to make no-knead dinner rolls. I made the dough in a glass bowl with a spoon without touching the dough. Then, after the dough proofed… I hand shaped them and baked them on cookie sheet. (April 2020 – 9:08)

No-Knead Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread (updated)

Video demonstrates how to garnish multigrain bread with oats. I make one loaf  in a “poor man’s Dutch oven” (PMDO) and a second loaf in a long covered baker (LCB). (Mar 2020 – 9:28)

No-Knead Mediterranean Olive Bread (updated)

This loaf is truly special… it’s the type of loaf you expect to find in a 5 Star restaurant, but it’s super easy. For demonstration purposes, I baked one loaf in a long covered baker and one in an Italian double pan. This is an updated video with improved technique. (Feb 2020 – 8:46)

How to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Skillet (updated)

No Dutch oven…. no problem, you can bake no-knead bread in a skillet. This updated video has significantly improved (simplified) the technique for baking no-knead artisan bread in a skillet. I baked one loaf in a skillet (as the title indicates) and one in a metal bread pan just to demonstrate the flexibility of this recipe. (Dec 2019 – 9:56)

No-Knead Artisan Beer Bread (updated)

The purpose of this recipe is to introduce those of you who make beer bread to the no-knead method of making dough and introduce those of you who make no-knead bread to beer bread. One simple recipe with hundreds of options… simply by changing the wet ingredient—the beer—from a lager, to an amber, or a hefeweizen you can have a new and uniquely flavored bread. It’s fun to experiment with ingredients. The beer isle is full of ideas. (Nov 2019 – 6:25)

No-Knead Harvest Grains Honey Whole Wheat Bread (updated)

This Harvest Grains Honey Whole Wheat Bread has a more robust and complex flavor than the multigrain country white and wheat breads. I baked it in a Lodge 3 qt Dutch oven. I like the way smaller Dutch ovens shape the loaf. (Oct 2019 – 8:51)

No-Knead Rosemary Bread – Appetizer Loaves (updated)

I was so thrilled with the appetizer loaves at Macaroni Grill that I decided to make my own and developed a rosemary demi loaf recipe that required kneading. Then my wife found a no-knead ciabatta bread recipe in the local newspaper… I was converted. I experimented with no-knead recipes and converted my old rosemary demi loaf recipe to the no-knead method. That was the beginning and I haven’t looked back. (July 2019 – 6:57)

No-Knead Cheddar Cheese Bread & Rolls (updated)

How to make no-knead cheddar cheese bread & rolls. Video demonstrates the flexibility of my recipes… you can use the ingredients from any recipe with the bakeware, technique, and baking time of a different recipe. (April 2019 – 10:10)

No-Knead Honey Oatmeal (updated)

Fresh-from-the-oven bread with the wholesome goodness of oats and the sweetness of honey… what’s not to like? This loaf is as delicious to eat as it is pleasing to the eye. I garnished the loaves with oats, then baked one loaf in a Dutch oven and the other in a PMDO. (Nov 2018 – 8:06)


No-Knead Multigrain Bread

This is one of my most popular loaves. My first multigrain loaves used 2 cups bread flour and 1 cup wheat flour. One time I forgot the wheat flour and used 3 cups bread flour. Surprise, surprise… the multigrain country white became one of my most popular breads. I had assumed those who liked grains also liked wheat breads, but there appears to be a significant segment of our society who likes multigrain bread without the wheat bread taste. Wheat is one of those things you either like or don’t like, but it doesn’t mean you don’t like multigrain bread. Video demonstrates how to make no-knead multigrain bread in a bread pan and “poor man’s Dutch oven” (PMDO). (Sept 2018 – 7:41)

No-Knead Garlic Bread… super easy… foolproof… no machines)

We all love garlic. Rather than buy garlic infused olive oil, I flavor the bread with garlic and use it for dipping in extra virgin olive oil. It’s also ideal for garlic cheese bread and toast. (June 2018 – 7:24)


No-Knead Italian Sesame Seed Bread… baked 4 ways

This video demonstrates how to make no-knead Italian sesame bread four ways… Boule in a Dutch oven, Sandwich bread in a bread pan, Sandwich bread in a “poor man’s Dutch oven”, and Dinner rolls in a jumbo muffin pan. It’s the same no-knead dough… baked 4 different ways. (Aug 2017 – 15:25)

My First No-Knead Bread… for Kids of all Ages (super easy… no equipment… 4 ingredients)

I have viewers and subscribers as young as 7 using my technique and recipe to make bread… it is that easy. If you like this video, please recommend it to your friends who would like to encourage their kids to bake. (July 2017 – 10:22)


World’s Easiest No-Knead Deli Rye Bread

There is nothing better than a hot pastrami sandwich on fresh from the oven deli rye bread. (July 2016 – 6:51)


World’s Easiest Bread Recipe & Technique for Beginners (no kneading… using “hands-free” technique)

Highly Recommended! If you’re looking for the easiest recipe and technique for making bread… you’ve come to the right place. This video is designed for the beginner, the newbie, for young and old. It’s a little longer than some of my other videos because I will do it in greater detail to help you get started. (Oct 2015 – 6:52)

Sandwich Bread Baked in a Poor Man's Dutch Oven (Traditional)World’s Easiest No-Knead Sandwich Bread using a Poor Man’s Dutch Oven

Looking for a Dutch oven that will shape sandwich bread… no problem… use a “poor man’s Dutch oven”. Bread making doesn’t get any easier than this… no mixer or bread machine (I’ll make it in a glass bowl with the handle end of a plastic spoon)… no-kneading (Mother Nature will do the kneading for me)… “hands-free” technique (that’s right… I won’t even touch the dough)… no shaping (I’ll let the “poor man’s Dutch oven” shape the loaf for me). It doesn’t get any easier than this. (Aug 2015 – 6:16)

5.2a.GarlicHerbFougasseEasy Homemade Fougasse (no knead… no mixer… it’s as easy as making pizza)

Fougasse (foo/gahss) is lattice or leaf shaped bread from Provence (pro/vance), a maritime region of southeastern France bordering Italy. And, if you like nibbling on fresh from the oven bread… you’ll love fougasse. Its presentation is exceptional… sure to please your family and friends. (July 2015 – 7:26)

No-Knead BreadWorld’s Easiest No-Knead Bread (Introducing “Hands-Free” Technique)

Best video demonstrating “traditional” no knead bread method using new “hands-free” technique. I preheated a 3 qt oval cast iron casserole dish which gave me a nice oval loaf, but you can use a traditional Dutch oven. (Nov 2014 – 7:03)

Intro To Baking No Knead Bread In Bread PansIntroduction to Baking No-Knead Bread in Bread Pans

If you want to use the “traditional” method for making no-knead bread in a bread pan… this it an excellent video with ingredients, technique, and baking temperature & times specifically designed for the bread pan. I formed the dough using the “traditional” method, then proofed the dough in an 8-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ loaf pan (it isn’t necessary to preheat an uncovered baking vessel). I think you’ll like this video… it’s different. (July 2014 – 6:36)

Cinnamon RollsWorld’s Easiest Cinnamon Rolls (No Mixer… No-Kneading… No Yeast Proofing)

I used the no-knead method for making the dough then formed and shaped them in a traditional manner, but there’s more… the sweet roll dough really is special and it makes an excellent cinnamon roll. I think you’ll love them. (May 2014 – 11:55)

1-2.ArtisanLoaf(small)Ultimate Introduction to No-Knead Bread (4 Ingredients… No Yeast Proofing… No Mixer)

My most popular video demonstrating “traditional” no-knead method. (Mar 2014 – 7:01)



These videos were filmed prior to developing the “hands-free” technique. You’ll enjoy the recipes and technique, but watch some of the newer videos to see the new technique.

Easy No-Knead Jalapeño Cheese Bread (No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing…)

If you like jalapeños you’ll love this bread. You won’t find anything that compares to it on the shelf and it is remarkably easy to make. I divided the dough into 2 portions, shaped the half-loaves by hand, proof them on parchment paper, then preheat a long covered baker, garnished them with jalapeños & cheese, and used the parchment paper as a sling to insert the half-loaves into the hot baking vessel. The technique is worth watching and it makes a special loaf. (Jan 2014 – 9:24)

Caraway Rye BreadCaraway Rye Bread (Easy… No Kneading… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

This is a rustic rye bread with a mild rye flavor and a generous amount of caraway seeds… the perfect complement to corned beef and pastrami. (Oct 2013 – 9:32)

Hamburger & Hot Dog BunsArtisan Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns (Easy… No Kneading… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

I frequently use store-bought hamburger and hot dog buns, but there are times when I’m looking for something special and a fresh from the oven artisan bun can change a good hamburger or hot dog into a great dining experience. You won’t find anything that compares to it on the shelf. (Sept 2013 – 10:52)

Honey Whole Wheat BreadNo-Knead Honey Whole Wheat Bread (Easy… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

Balances the nutrition and nutty taste of whole wheat with a touch of honey in a hearty, moist, faintly sweet loaf. In this video I used a “proofing skillet” to shape the dough… the handle makes it easy to insert the dough into a preheated baking vessel. (June 2013 – 9:40)

Buttermilk BreadNo-Knead Artisan Buttermilk Bread (Easy… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

Buttermilk is a great all-purpose bread. The buttermilk gives it a rich tangy flavor… while it adds a subtle buttery depth that is great for sandwiches and toast. (April 2013 – 8:34)

19a.Harvest8GrainCountryWhiteNo-Knead Harvest 8 Grain Wheat Bread (Easy… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

Uses whole oat berries, millet, rye flakes and wheat flakes to enhance texture while flax, poppy, sesame, and sunflower seeds add crunch… giving the bread a great nutty flavor. And there’s more… this video demonstrates how to garnish (seeds) & baste (egg wash) no-knead dough in a proofing skillet. (Mar 2013 – 11:06)

Baked In A SkilletEasy No-Knead Bread Baked in a Skillet (No Dutch Oven… No Problem)

It really is this easy to make no-knead bread… you don’t need a Dutch oven or any special bakeware. This is one of my most popular videos. (Feb 2013 – 8:10)

Honey Oatmeal BreadNo-Knead Honey Oatmeal Bread (Easy… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

Fresh from the oven bread with the wholesome-goodness of oats and sweetness of honey… what’s not to like. What’s more… it’s garnished with oats and baked it in a casserole dish (no Dutch oven… no problem). (Feb 2013 – 10:22)


Classic White BreadNo-Knead Classic White Bread Baked in a Bread Pan

In the video I demonstrate how to convert a “Betty Crocker” classic white bread recipe to the no-knead method. Because of the popularity of this video… I made “Introduction to Baking No-Knead Bread in Bread Pans” in which I use the ingredients, technique, baking time & temperature I recommend. (Jan 2013 – 8:52)

Pizza DoughEasy No-Knead Pizza Dough (Mix… Wait… Poof, you have Pizza Dough)

You can make fresh pizza dough with only a few minutes of work. No mixer, no kneading, no yeast proofing, all you need to do is mix the ingredients in a bowl, wait (while Mother Nature does the kneading for you), and poof… you have pizza dough. Sometimes we spend more time running around getting a pizza than it takes for us to make great tasting pizzas. (Nov 2012 – 10:17)

Mediterranean OliveNo-Knead Mediterranean Olive Bread (Easy… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

It’s a blend of Mediterranean olives, olive oil, thyme and lemon and has a wow factor of 10. I divided the dough into 2 portions, shaped the half-loaves by hand, proof them on parchment paper, then preheat a long covered baker, and used the parchment paper as a sling to insert the half-loaves into the hot baking vessel. It’s one of our favorites. (Oct 2012 -13:18)

Basket of PretzelNo-Knead Soft Pretzels, Pretzel Sticks & Pretzel Nuggets (a.k.a. The Ultimate Basket of Pretzels)

In one batch I’ll be making two pretzels, two pretzel sticks, and a basket full of pretzel bites. (Oct 2012 – 14:06)



Pretzel Sandwich RollNo-Knead Soft Pretzel Sandwich and Dinner Rolls (a.k.a. The Ultimate Pretzel Sandwich)

Add one step to making no-knead rolls and you’ll have pretzel rolls that will bring a unique flavor and texture to your sandwiches. (Sept 2012 – 13:49)


Dinner RollsNo-Knead Artisan Dinner Rolls (Four Ingredients… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

Bread is an important part of the meal… it starts the dining experience. Good rolls… good restaurant. Great rolls… great restaurant. These rolls are hand shaped, proof on parchment paper, basted with egg wash and baked on a baking stone. They’re terrific. (Sept 2012 – 11:15)

American Baguette PictureNo-Knead American Baguettes… (Easy… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

I think you’ll like these baguettes and they’re a lot easier than you may think. These baguettes are shaped by hand, proof on parchment paper, basted with egg wash and baked on a baking stone. (July 2012 – 11:08)


31.RosemaryBread(2)No-Knead Rosemary Bread (Inspired by Romano’s Macaroni Grill)

I was so thrilled with the rosemary bread served as an appetizer at Romano’s Macaroni Grill that I developed a no-knead rosemary bread recipe. I divided the dough into 6 portions… then they were shaped by hand, proof on parchment paper, baste with olive oil, garnish with sea salt, and scored. Then I baked 3 on a baking stone for 15 minutes and 3 in a preheated long covered baker for 25 minutes… just to show a couple options. (July 2012 – 14:24)

No-Knead Sandwich Rolls (a.k.a. The Ultimate Ham Sandwich)No-Knead Ciabatta Sandwich Rolls (baked on a baking stone) the Ultimate Ham Sandwich

A fresh from the oven sandwich roll can change a good sandwich into a grrrrreat sandwich. These rolls were garnished (sesame seeds) & basted (egg wash) and baked on a baking stone. (June 2012 – 13:56)


No-Knead Artisan Cinnamon Raisin BreadNo-Knead Artisan Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Homemade fresh from the oven cinnamon raisin bread is a great way to start your day. I like to proof the dough overnight and bake it in the morning. It’s special. (June 2012 – 9:37)



13.BeerBread(1)Introduction to No-Knead Beer Bread (a.k.a. Artisan Yeast Beer Bread)

The purpose of this video is to introduce those of you who make beer bread to the no-knead method of making dough… and introduce those of you who make no-knead bread to beer bread. One simple recipe with hundreds of options… simply by changing your wet ingredient… the beer… from a lager, to an amber, or a hefeweizen you can have a new and uniquely flavored bread. (May 2012 – 9:24)

Cheddar Cheese BreadNo-Knead Artisan Cheddar Cheese Bread (Easy… No Mixer…)

Demonstrates how easy it is to make bakery quality artisan cheddar cheese bread and I baked it in a CorningWare casserole dish (no Dutch oven… no problem). (April 2012 – 9:14)


Introduction To No-Knead BreadIntroduction to No-Knead Bread (4 Ingredients… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)

This was my first video… I think you’ll like. It’s a side-by-side comparison of traditional and “almost” no-knead bread. (Feb 2012 – 14:50)


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  27. I followed the oatmeal honey recipe and proofed overnight and my dough was very very wet what did I do wrong?

    1. You probably watched an old video using old technique. Since then I developed “roll-to-coat”… I dust the wet dough with flour before I roll it out of the bowl. You may want to check my website ( and watch my updated video “No-Knead Honey Oatmeal… (super easy… no mixer… no bread machine)”. Steve

      1. Hi again Steve. I did use the new video it was wet after the 24 hour proofing could it be because I air rated my bread flour so it was not enough flour? I was thinking that it might be that. What I did was add more flour and oats and let it proof again in the loaf pan and baked it. I haven’t cut it yet to see inside because it’s for my daughter.. I will let you know
        Thanks for all your great videos.

        1. Hi again Steve
          Just to let you know the loaf came out great my daughter said it was great so all in all adding the extra flour and letting it rest for an hour worked. Thanks again for your great recipes.

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  29. Thank you for all your bread making help and problem solving. I have had VERY poor luck making a sourdough starter but just found a new product from Red Star Yeast … “platinum instant sourdough culture”. It states to use the .63oz (18 G) packet to replace the yeast in making a loaf of bread. It indicated that it replaces one 1/4 oz packet of their yeast. Can you advise how much of this powdered culture I would need to use in your Beer bread recipe to replace the 1/4teaspoon of yeast that is normally used.

  30. Hi Steve,
    I just finished making the Honey Whole Wheat Bread from your cookbook. I used the traditional method, which works best for me. I followed it exactly. It turned out beautifully. My question is: How do you get whole wheat dough to rise as well as bread flour does? I’m enjoying your recipes and want everything to turn out excellent. I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have.


  31. Hi Steve, I tried the no knead bread recipe in a convection oven which cannot go beyond 200C 🙁, proofed the dough overnight, baked it after shaping in an open bread pan as I don’t have a Dutch oven. Baked it for 30 mins @200 C and for another 10 minutes as it didn’t brown . Ended up with a really over chewy crust and a dense crumb….

    Want to understand what changes I need to make to avoid the rubbery texture and get a softer and open crumb. Pls note my oven’s max temp is 200C…will shaping the dough into smaller rolls help ??

  32. Steve, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this Wealth of Knowledge! I have tried to make bread for years….made your raisin cinnamon bread!!! AWESOME!!! MY FAMILY LOVED the texture and taste!!!

    Question: Could you share a video of making sourdough bread that has a strong sourdough taste…? Also, do you have any receipes for creating pie crusts…?

    Again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SHARING your videos and recipes…it really makes a difference when you can see the process of baking. 🙂

  33. Hi Steve, I just love how easy you teach on making these no kneed breads. By the way, do you have any recipes for using sorghum flour for no kneed bread? I would appreciate your thoughts on that. Most of what’s online is either a sourdough bread or something with too many ingredients. Thanks.

  34. Hi Steve. Just wanted to let you know that I made your Cinnamon and Raisin recipe and baked it this morning at 6. One word…PERFECTION!!! The house smelled fantastic and when my wife woke up with a smile thats even more Perfect. Thank you. Jim

  35. Hi Steve,

    I have been using your method of no knead bread for several years now. This past June I started using your “poor man’s” Dutch oven method and I have to tell you the method is absolutely great! I have tried several of your recipes in the PMDO recipe book and have had great success and have turned several others onto your technique with everyone being extremely happy with the outcome.

    In the last day or so I have come to realize that King Arthur Flour will no longer be stocking and selling their Harvest 8 Grain package which is used in the multigrain loaves.
    I contacted them and was told it was a corporate decision. My question for you is do you have a recommendation that can be used for the KAF product?

    Also I wanted to tell you that although my mother (who has been gone for better than 20 years now) always made her own bread, it would be a huge bowl of dough that would produce 7/8 loaves of bread. No recipe and no exact measurements, just all by feel….but I wish she had lived long enough to use your method because as she got older, that big bowl of dough was a lot for her to handle. She would have been so amazed at the outcome of your recipes.

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into the web site and videos and for sharing all the wonderful recipes! Stay healthy in the coming year and many blessings during the Christmas season.

    1. At the very beginning I tried to develop my own blend with limited success and a 9 grain was cost prohibited. In my tests I did have very good success with my multigrain (sesame seed, flax & oats) and you may want to try the “everything” bagel seed pack. Steve

  36. Hi Steve, Thank you so much for your videos. I made your simple no-knead bread and it came out perfectly! My question – I am happy to buy your cookbooks, but wondering if you have a recipe for egg bread in any of them? Not braided challah, just egg bread in a bread pan. Thanks again.

    1. No, I don’t have an egg bread recipe in any f the cookbooks. And, to browse cookbooks go to my website ( because it has a complete list… organized logically… with a brief description… including links to Steve

  37. Hi Steve: I’m going to make your Honey Whole Wheat bread, but I prefer the 8.5 x 4.5 2-pan method, “Dutch oven” technique. What are the baking instructions for this, temp & time? Thanks! another Steve — in Folsom, CA.

  38. Your ‘world’s easiest no knead sandwich bread’ with the poor man’s dutch oven is life changing! I grew up with my mom making fantastic whole wheat sandwich bread in batches of 4 every other week, and I make a mean ‘kneaded’ loaf myself, but I needed something quicker with little kids on hand. This is as easy as a bread machine, except so much better. The tradeoff in time/work between my kneaded loaf vs this loaf is SO worth it.

  39. Hi, Steve. I baked your updated version of no-knead cinnamon raisin bread this morning. I substituted honey for the brown sugar, as we have a sugar allergy in my family. I measured a generous 2 tablespoons into a measuring cup, then poured the water until it reached 16 ounces. I used my 13×4-inch pullman loaf pan with lid as my PMDO. I proofed for an hour, and during that time, I preheated the oven for about forty minutes. I preheated the oven with a baking stone as I read in a bread baking book that using the baking stone would produce a crisp crust.

    These were the only things I did in addition to your instructions. I browned the crust in the pullman pan for only three minutes. I cut into it when it was cool enough to handle without hot pads. My kids and I couldn’t wait any longer after having only a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

    The crust was crispy and the crumb was soft. An overall perfect texture: crispy, soft, chewy. I was very surprised. I tried several other recipes before yours, and they all fell well below my expectations. The texture of your no-knead cinnamon raisin bread was perfect.

    However, my kids were wondering if I can make it a little more sweet and a little more cinnamon-y. Next time, I’ll make it with brown sugar, and instruct that one member of my family not to eat the loaf.

    Would you suggest I add a little more yeast if I add a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon?

    I use the Costco brand. Maybe I should try a different type of cinnamon, like King Arthur’s Vietnamese Cinnamon.

  40. Hi Steve!
    I have been making your no knead breads for awhile and love them! I’m a bread baker from the 70’s and this method is wonderful. Have you worked with sprouted grains? Most sprouted recipes I have found use about 1/2 cup of sprouted grains. Can I add them and the set aside overnight as usual?
    Thanks for all the videos and books!

  41. Hi Steve! First of all, thank you. I am making wonderful bread and I owe it all to you. I usually make the rustic sourdough bread from King Arthur’s website. Do you a no knead option using sourdough starter?

  42. I have been using your PMDO for about 1.5 yrs. I need to replace my two loaf pans for my sandwich loafs. I am thinking about purchasing two cast iron loaf pans for my new PMDO set up. Would this work? If so should the pans be pre-heated? Using my current two metal loaf pans I don’t preheat them but when I bake boules I do pre-heat my cast iron pan and lid.
    Thank you for all your instructions and recipes along with your recommendation.
    Donna Cruz

  43. When making either traditional or turbo cinnamon roll recipe can you use lactose free nonfat milk? If so what adjustments to the recipe are needed?
    Thank you, Donna Cruz

  44. Steve,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I made a few of your recipes. They all turned out great. I always thought you could not add salt with the yeast. I see that the salt does not diminish the yeast’s properties.

    This morning I baked your honey wheat bread with sunflower seeds ( The best no knead bread I’ve made so far.
    Since I used stone ground wheat, I changed out 2 T for vital wheat gluten. Needless to say, we already ate half of it. The only thing different I would do is cook it in a smaller dutch over for a change in height. However, the bread rose beautifully in a 6 qt.

    I’m going to try some of your turbo breads next!

    God bless you, Steve!

  45. Thank You Steve.
    I am so happy to report that the videos you make and your recipes are awesome.
    I especially like to use my PMDO.
    Have you ay thought of doing a Ciabatta bread
    if so I can hardly wait.
    Love the way you teach.


  46. Question! Is there a baking time difference between baking bread in a glass/ceramic loaf pan versus a metal one? Thank you love your bread!!

    1. Typically you wait until bread comes to room temperature (it will slice cleaner), but you can slice it at any time if you need to… I typically slice when it still warm. Steve

  47. Hi! Adore the Steve Gamelin way to make bread! Haven’t bought store bought in a year! BUT as hard as I try, slicing a PMDI loaf without tearing a few pieces. Can anyone, perhaps Mr. Gamelin himself, have any recommendations!!!!!

  48. Steve, I am an evolving bread baker and tried your honey whole wheat bread last night. I was at first skeptical that 1/4 t of yeast would suffice, but this morning I had a beautifully risen losf, even though I misread the recipe and added 2T of EVOO. The dough from the very beginning looked stickier than yours, but I soldiered on. I degassed the dough and added more seeds and proofed the dough in an 8″ non-stick pan for about 45minutes as I waited for my Lodge Dutch oven to preheat in a 450* oven. GThe dough was still looking good , but it did stick to the towel a bit; flipped it into the oven (not fast enough and it stuck a little to one side); removed the lid after 35 minutes and it looked beautiful; left it in 7 more minutes to brown; removed from the oven — gorgeous !!; inverted the Dutch oven, disaster !! It was as if the bottom crust had been super glued to the bottom of the Dutch oven. What did I do wrong and how can I correct it? Thank-you. I really enjoy your straight forward videos and thank you in advance if you are able to get to this and give me an answer.

    1. As Dutch ovens age they lose their non-stick properties. As a general rule I now use no-stick spray in all bakeware just before adding the dough. Steve

  49. Hello Steve, I am making a no-knead bread as I type this, using a dutch oven, but have decided to begin using the PMDO version for MANY reasons including the end resulting loaf shape. I will need to purchase the two pans (already have clips). It seems to me that I should spend a bit extra and get quality pans (more expensive). If you have any other advice on the pans I would appreciate it. Also, I could see myself making many varieties of your breads (big fan), but I don’t see a Portuguese Sweet Bread. I bet it’s because it would be impossible in the no-knead style ? Finally, (sorry), I purchased one of your books for my good friend who was just starting out. But, I didn’t get one myself. If the answers to my questions are in the book, feel free to say, just buy the book.

    1. I use…
      Baguette: Chicago Metallic commercial II non-stick perforated baguette pan ($13.59)
      Baguette: Matfer 311141 double loaf French bread pan (18”x 2”) – $17.09
      Bread: Good Cook premium nonstick loaf pan (8” x 4” x 2-1/4”) (Liquid capacity: 42 oz) – $4.59
      Bread: Good Cook premium nonstick loaf pan (9” x 5” x 2-1/4”) (Liquid capacity: 64 oz)
      Bread: OXO Good Grips non-stick pro loaf pan (8-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 2-4/5”) (Liquid capacity: 52 oz) – $16.99
      Cake: Chefmate 9” cake pan ($4.87)
      Double: Fox Run 4629 Italian double loaf bread pan (15.25” x 8.5”) – $7.34
      Long: Wilton long loaf pan (12” x 4-1/2” x 3-1/8”) (Liquid capacity: 76 oz) – $7.00
      Meat Loaf: USA Pan meat loaf pan with Insert (10” x 5” x 3”) – $21.99
      Mini: Chicago Metallic mini loaf pan (5-3/4” x 3-1/4” x 2-1/4”) (Liquid capacity: 18 oz) – $6.99 (4 pack)
      Mini: USA mini round cake pan (six 4.25” wells) – $22.99
      Mini: Wilton mini round cake pans (4” x 1-1/4”) – $5.99 (3 pack)
      Muffin: Wilton jumbo muffin pan (3-1/4” x 1-3/4”)
      Pie: Fat Daddio’s 6” anodized aluminum pie pan – $8
      Pie: Good Cook premium nonstick pie pan (9”)
      Pie: USA Pan Commercial Bakeware Pie Pan (9” x 1-1/2”) – $13.99
      Popover: Chicago Metallic mini popover pan (12 cup)
      Popover: Chicago Metallic popover pan (6 cup)
      Sheet: USA Pan heavy gage aluminized steel rimmed baking sheet (half 13” x 18” x 1”)

      Dutch Ovens, Cast Iron skillets, Casserole dishes, Etc.
      AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – 6-Quart, Purple
      CorningWare French White 2-1/2 qt covered casserole dish
      CorningWare etch Eggplant 2-1/2 qt oblong baker with lid (7” x 10” x 3”) – $34.99
      CW by CorningWare 1.5 qt medium stoneware baker (9.17” x 6.25” x 2.18”) – $13.99
      Emile Henry Burgundy Italian Loaf Maker (13-1/4 x 5-1/4 x 3) – $116.45
      Emerson Creek Pottery bread baking bowl (2-3/4” x 8”) – $29.95 KAF
      Le Creuset 2.25 qt eggplant shaped enamel cast iron covered casserole (10-1/2” x Irg x 5”)
      Lodge cast iron 12” skillet – $17.79
      Lodge cast iron mini round baker (6”) – $11.99
      Lodge Enameled 3 qt cast iron Dutch oven (9-1/2”x 3-1/8”) – $40
      Sassafras superstone oblong covered baker (13-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 2-1/2”) – $44
      Sassafras superstone garlic roaster (7-1/2”) – $22.99
      Threshold 2 qt ceramic oval baker (stoneware) (10” x 6-3/4” x 2-1/2”) – $14.99

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