About Steve

Fun-loving, gator-riding, pet-lover & bread baker all rolled into one.  Retired from banking, computer programming, real estate, development & construction now residing in Kansas City where he supports his wife, Beth, in her volunteer efforts with various animal shelters.

His YouTube channel (ArtisanBreadWithSteve) has a selection of educational videos demonstrating no-knead bread recipes and technique. Over the years Steve worked with his readers and subscribers listening to their desires and needs… to have high quality, great tasting, fresh from the oven bread that is fast, convenient, hassle-free, and reliable without special equipment or expensive bakeware. In response he developed… no-knead “Turbo” bread recipes (ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours), “hands-free” technique (bread goes straight from mixing bowl to baking vessel without dusting work surface with flour or touching the dough), and “roll to coat” (garnishing, basting, and dusting dough with flour in the mixing bowl… no more sticky dough).

Steve’s recipes and technique are unique and ideally suited for the “newbie” (what a great way to start your baking experience), those with busy schedules, those who are tired of kneading or gotten older and find it difficult to knead bread. As a result, his YouTube channel has become one of the leading sources for free no-knead bread videos.

His new technique is truly a revolutionary approach to bread making.

551 thoughts on “About Steve

  1. Hi Steve! I absolutely love your book & bread technique! I regularly gift a loaf to people & they are always impressed!

    In these crazy corona times, I am struggling to find yeast! Have you tried your technique using a sourdough starter?

    Thanks Lisa 🤗🤗🤗🤗

      1. I was looking for a way to contact Steve And couldn’t find a link in the book or on this site.. I bought the cookbook. Made the country white but the link in the book is different. Cookbook recipe says use a loaf pan, but the link in the cookbook shows Dutch oven. My bread in loaf pan did not get crusty. It Rose, was thoroughly cooked, and was very dense. But not crusty. Is there a trick?

        1. Bakeware makes a difference. The PMDO gives the best control if you want a softer crust. An uncovered bread pan give a harder crust. More importantly, recipes (ingredients) are independent of baking technique. You can use the ingredients from one recipe with the technique of another (baking vessel, time and temperature, etc.). Steve

          1. I don’t buy anything from Amazon. Is there a way to purchase your cookbook from another site, bookstore, or through you directly?
            I love your recipes for how easy they are. I’m disabled and I need something easy to make that’s not labor-intensive.
            Love your videos.
            Thank you.

        2. Joyce, I have been trying to contact Steve from the UK but can’t find any contact method. I have twice tried to make his country white bread that call for 14 oz of warm water to 3 1/2 cups of flour and each time got a very sticky dough that would not rise very much. A) can you tell me how to contact Steve and/or B) Have you made this bread successfully? If yes, what amount of water did you use, hopefully in metric (grammes)!

          1. I too have tried to find a way to contact Steve with a question and can not find any email address to write to. How can I contact or send him questions.

          2. I also have a problem with his bread measurements. I have asked multiple times for weight of dry ingredients but no luck. Rather rude of him to not reply to something that is fundamental to baking bread.

          3. @Maxine – He’s not being rude. You don’t need weights for Steve’s recipes. Measuring by volume is generally easier, faster, and doesn’t require possession of a scale. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

          4. @Maxine Steve is American. That’s how they do things there. I too like to weigh my ingredients, but I have made several of Steve’s recipes using the volume measurements that he has in his recipes and I find them very forgiving.

      2. Hello! Just to clarify I can use regular active dry yeast as a substitute for bread machine yeast? I’m running out of the latter! Thank you for all your hard work and for your wonderful channel! Lisa

        1. He is not Rude in any way he tells you if you listen to him in stead of saying he is rude that the bread will work you don’t have to be prosice I Thank you Steve You are. Very Intelligent man and I have made about a quarter of his recipes and all worked out great Steve Please Keep up the good Work Most of us appreciate you greatly Good Day. Tim

      3. Hi Steve.
        Do I have to use a Dutch oven for the cheddar cheese bread. They’re pretty expensive
        and I’m on a fairly tight budget.

        1. Recipes (ingredients) are independent of baking technique. You can use the ingredients from one recipe with the technique of another (baking vessel, time and temperature, etc.). You may want to go to my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) for all the options. Steve

          1. Thanks Steve. I’m going to try your cheddar cheese bread tomorrow (my first loaf!) and using a PMDO.

      4. Hi Steve
        Hope everything is well
        I’ve been trying the no knead bread making it was working well but recently my dough doubles in size but I can pour it in the bread pan , very runny , what am I doing wrong ?
        Need help

        1. Dust the dough with flour in the bowl (roll-to-coat). You may want to check my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) and look for a newer recipe that demonstrates roll-to-coat. Steve

      5. How much sour dough starter would you recommend in your 3 ½ cup white bread recipe? Any special directions to mixing?

      6. Hi Steve, I absolutely love your technique and your book!
        I like whole wheat bread and I was thinking to tweak your recipe and add more whole wheat flour and less bread flour (2.5 cups of wwf to 1 cup bf)). If I do this, do I have to increase liquid and/or yeast? Thank you for sharing your expertise.

      7. Hi Steve,
        I hope you are well.

        Just seen this: “Omnia Oven”. Your oven on the stove top. Ideal solution for boat oven, camp oven, and RV oven. Also known as a wonder pot.

        I would like to know your thoughts on Baking Bread this way. I rented a Houseboat for Next Month in California and thought baking some fresh bread in the morning, will have everyone up and hungry.

        I have not gone thru all your videos, so, if you have experimented with baking on Top of the Stove, I’d like to see that.

        Take care,
        Dee from Sacramento, CA.

      8. Steve,
        I am amazed at how my bread are coming out! I tried the olive loaf bread and the cinnamon raisin bread! What a pretty picture! My question is what is the best way to store these breads after they are cooled??? Some web sites say do not store in plastic and some say to store in plastic.
        I appreciate your comments.

          1. Steve, love your videos. Lately my turbo bread hasn’t been rising like yours. It is rather flat on top after baking. Any suggestions

        1. I make linen bread bags to store mine. Old school and linen helps control moisture. I avoid man made materials whenever possible.

    1. I live in West Virginia and found my yeast before things got bad . But then couldn’t find the bread flour😂An elderly neighbor who made rolls for our family after losing my husband last year couldn’t find any yeast . I rode with my sister n law to a Farmers Market and they had yeast so I bought two one for her and one for me . Always nice to share with others . Love Steve’s no knead bread recipes have made it and the family loved it ❤️

      1. Reminder for the future:

        The air is full of yeast thanks to the graces of Nature. It isn’t hard to develop one or more sourdough starters, keep them running/fed, and never again think about “finding any yeast.” You can freeze the regular “discard” or use it for crackers or other simple quickbreads (whose dough can be made up and refrigerated or frozen for later–adds to the sourdough flavor!).

        Learn to make for yourself the things you are held hostage to buy, whose supply can be withheld at any time. Our ancestors did this for tens of thousands of years or more where fermented foods like bread (and yogurt, and vegetables, and beverages) are concerned. My grandfather, his father and grandfather…my grandmothers…all baked with the sourdough starters handed down to them, or that they developed themselves.

        My mother’s generation–WWII–went over to store-bought yeasts then gave up baking altogether when it was considered more chic to buy store-boughten bread. My older sisters (Boomers) never learned to bake. In “home ec” they learned how to mix up Duncan Hines (etc.) cake mixes in boxes. Thus their schools taught them dependency and consumerism.

        I–punk generation–relearned by trial and error, with my grandfather’s and grandmothers’ recipe cards/slips and books, and, thank goodness, the then-new “community food co-op” movement. I learned a lot from that, such as, for instance, there is no such thing as “lead bread,” just a lack of imagination on my part for how to use a loaf that didn’t conform to my expectations but still was packed with nutrition.

        Things haven’t “gotten bad.” It’s just that the few who control the stores of everything know they can create panic and compliance in a dependent population. Always strive to be reliant only on self, nature, family, community, and ancestors’ wisdom. Let your worldly masters know that you do not bow to them, and that your emotions and reactions are in YOUR control, not others’. When they create a panic, laugh in their faces and choose something else. Believe me, the people with power, and their minions, are dumber and weaker than they appear. They just have very good PR agents magnifying and mythologizing their power. And they choose to exercise that power in ways that magnify the effects.

        Mr. Gamelin (“Steve”) offers a first-step highly “store-boughten” model where ingredients are concerned…but it can easily be adapted for those who grow their own grain/buy it locally, mill it themselves, etc. He is to be commended for emptying out all the urban foodie nonsense from breadmaking and returning it to its roots. He does more to liberate people than all the street-chanting “activists” in the world and all their college professors and media droids. Once you start baking with the methods he shares, you’ll find yourself no longer dependent on bakeries/supermarkets/big box stores for your daily bread…and from there it’s just a matter of time before you self-liberate from other dependencies as well.

        As for me, Mr. Gamelin is one of the very few things I send people to YouTube for anymore, as I work to help them liberate themselves from Big Tech and the media (my fields, also my husband’s). The comments on his videos always make me misty eyed and warm hearted as I see people waking up to the fact that something very essential was robbed from them and their families when bread baking was handed over to others for profit.

        Thus, Stacey, things haven’t “got bad.” In fact they are better than ever, because some people–not all, maybe not even the majority, but some–are waking up and reclaiming their lives. Realizing just how much wasted effort and life they devoted to consumerism…and products that make them unhealthy, confused, and addicted. A healthy, clear-minded, self-commanding population cannot be exploited. And that is the greatest fear of those who lay up their stores of treasure on earth.

  2. Greetings Steve,
    Just today I discovered your YouTube channel & I’ve been enjoying your videos. I’ve never really made much bread because my memory of watching my mother making bread, it always seemed to be so difficult. But I am excited by how you make it look so easy. Because of all the panic buying there are baking supply shortages in the stores, but as soon as more baking supplies are available I will be making your recipes for my family. I am curious if you have done any bread recipes with nut and or seed “flours”?
    Thank You.

    1. I second this thought, but add another. We love your recipes Steve, and discovered you when shop bought bread ran out due to panic buying. Thank you for a lovely, helpful, informative channel.
      I have baked sourdough and bread machine bread before, so am not a novice. My daughter is gluten intolerant, but can manage spelt flour, so I have worked out many of my own recipes using this and gluten free flour. I was wondering if you would see what you can do with spelt for your technique? I am happy to experiment, and eat the failures, but you understand how your technique works better than anyone, and are best placed to instantly know what adjustments need to be made for lower gluten flour.
      I (and my daughter) would be very grateful if you would do a video on a basic spelt loaf using your longer proving time technique. Please and thank you, Lori MacGregor

  3. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the page layout
    of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got
    to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so
    people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot
    of text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  4. Hi Steve, I have been baking using your bread recipes for a few months now with great success. Thankyou. However, while in quarantine here in California, I’m running short of yeast and it’s hard to find yeast in stores. I was wondering if there was enough yeast in beer to use just beer and not yeast in your no-knead beer bread recipe (my husband has a beer tap – so beer in not in short supply ;-). Alternatively, if you had a recipe for no yeast bread. We have a version in Australia called Damper but I grew up making that at school camps and it is only good after just baked……..Appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Hope all is good with you too during this time.

  5. Hi Steve
    Just bought your book. Your recipes call for instant yeast. You said in your book that this can be interchangeable with active dry yeast. Is that measure for measure? If your recipe calls for 1/4 tsp instant yeast can I substitute that with 1/4 tsp active dry yeast in cold water with any no knead recipe overnight proof? Or am I limited to the turbo method if using active dry yeast? Thanks.



  6. Hi,

    I keep getting dough that is way too wet and sticky. It would help me to have the weight in grams of Steve’s measurement of 1 cup of bread flour and 1 cup of all purpose flour. I know that Steve says measurements don’t need to be exact but it would be very helpful as a general guide.

    My Facebook page I’d is my name with a space in between first and last names.



    1. Steve explains in one of his books that a 5 pound bag of flour will make 5 loaves of bread. So, 3 1/2 cups of flour equals 364g. Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks so much! When the pandemic hit, I couldn’t find bread at the store. So I bought flour and yeast and found you on You-Tube. Just got your book and I’m cooking up a storm. It truly is as easy as you say to make delicious breads.

    1. I have the same story … today I bake fresh bread for the family four days a week only thanks to Steve

  8. Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you|

  9. Been trying your recipes for a year now, and no matter what I do, the damn bread will not rise the second time. I use GM bread flour as you do, weigh it out, measure every thing exactly, fresh red star yeast, and I am about to give up. I used to make fabulous sour dough bread when I lived in Inidana, but cannot seem to make a decent loaf down here in Florida to save me. Last thought I had is the tap water. From my reading, distilled water does not seem to be the answer either. any suggestions before I go back to buying crap bread?

      1. Sorry to intrude Mr. Steve, but where can I buy your books without using Amazon?
        Thank you.

        BTW, I never had problems rising bread in Florida – ever.

    1. If you make homemade Greek yogurt, you can easily substitute the strained off whey for the water. I’ve done it successfully and the flavor is very tasty!

  10. Hi Steve, hope you and Beth are in good health. Just wanted to share that your bread recipies have been such a blessing to me as a newbie in this Covid-19 quarantine times all the way from Bangladesh ! From ‘ baking ain’t my thing’ to ‘ I love baking bread in all its form’ has been a truly dynamic journey, thanks to you. I am a banker by profession and I have come across these videos in YouTube channel . I am in love with your technique from easy effort leading to a professional look. I love baking bread now and so does my family! Keep insipiring Steve!

  11. Hi there! This blog post could not be written any better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. I’ll forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a great read. I appreciate you for sharing!|

  12. Thank you for another informative site. Where else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I have a project that I am just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such great information like yours. Thanks!

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  14. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your videos and books!

    I want to get a “board” to put on my kitchen table to work with dough. I would prefer low maintenance and easy clean up. What surface would you suggest? Stainless steel, wood, quartz countertop material, something else?


  15. Easiest way to become a family “hero” is to bake a loaf of just about anything. Thanks to you and your no nonsense approach to becoming a hero, great fun. Thanks for your efforts and practical recipes and procedures.

    One question, when using a bread pan my loaves do not rise as they do in a Dutch oven … suggestions?

    Thank you

  16. Hello Steve, I am new to bread making and for my first effort I intend to make your Mediteranean olive loaf. I just bought your book and am excited to get started. Are there any differences in process with my making it in my KitchenAid mixer with the dough hook? Thank you for any information, Diane

  17. Hi Steve, I am so glad I found your site. I have to thank Mary’s Nest for referencing you as one of her favorite bread bakers and posting your site to her YouTube channel. I have so enjoyed your videos. Also, thank you for not having any music.😺. It makes it so much easier to follow you. A question…can I use Active Yeast and not Instant Yeast interchangeably in your recipes? Meaning do I need to proof the active yeast first? Many thanks and I am off to purchasing a few of your eBooks. Stay safe💜.

  18. Hello there from France, where can I get the clay baker you use and the banneton (?) for the bread that is needed a bit? If you can’t tell me maybe the sizes would help, nice to have a rectangular loaf

  19. Hi Steve

    I am so looking forward to trying your recipes. I just wanted to check first the size of the Dutch Oven used in your videos and is it critical to use the correct size? Thanks and regards Azalea

    1. I have gone through a lot of Dutch ovens over the years. i now us a Lodge Enameled 3 qt cast iron Dutch oven because I like the shape of the loaf. Steve

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  21. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for this Youtube upload. I tried making it and finished baking about an hour or so ago. I do have a question. I was using Self-rising flour (it was all I had in the house). I followed your direction, and while I didn’t put yeast in it since it was self-rising, I did put salt in it. The bread came out quite dense. I’m uncertain why, though I don’t know if the salt was partly responsible. The other thing I’ve learned is there is an actual flour that is specific to making bread. I am hoping to find out what I can do to have it come out less dense. I would very much appreciate your input.
    Thank you.

  22. I live in Jerusalem and I LOVE your recipes which I make every Friday night for our Sabbath. My
    guests can’t get enough of it and I send them your Youtube and tell them how easy it is to make.
    Thank you for this wonderful contribution to my family, friends and neighbors in Jerusalem.

  23. I have made sprouted wheat bread, but have not released a recipe. And, no-knead bread recipes need high-gluten flour and yeast. Steve

  24. Steve,

    My husband and I are trying your technique for the first time today. It’s looking good so far.

    We were wondering why your kitchen has changed? It’s none of our business for sure. The bread looks the same!!

      1. The bread turned out great. We are trying the jalapeño and cheese next.
        We downsized majorly after our kids moved out.
        Keep baking and we keep watching over and over until we get it right.

  25. Steve, I’ve been using silicone pans successfully. No spray needed, of course. As easy as easy gets.

  26. Steve; Thanks to your great recipes I learned to make great bread!. Question: When baking baguette (American, turbo, etc,) will it work to bake on or in a cookie sheet rather than a stone or baguette tray?

  27. Hi Steve,
    Can I use cast iron pan with any of your no knead recipes? Also, should I put a cast iron pan below and add water?
    Thank you.

    1. It is not necessary to add water. And, you can use a cast iron pan, but you may need to extend the baking time because it will take longer to bring the pan up to temperature. Steve

  28. I made my first loaf of bread and it turned out perfect with the loaf pans. I just now mixed a batch with gluten flour and it is crumbly after proofing, didn’t rise. What did I do wrong?

  29. Hi Steve,

    Would you please do a YouTube on baking no-knead bread using sprouted flour..
    I really want to learn how to use sprouted flour in baking bread.


  30. “Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!”

  31. I just bought “No-Knead Oatmeal & Whole Wheat Bread”. I am in the UK and would like to know how many ml’s in the cup you use, and how many ml’s in 1 fl oz. I google this and get many different answers.

  32. I just found a couple of your YouTube videos! The last one being about Italian Sesame Bread (and rolls). They looked so delicious – and simple to prepare. Thank you!

  33. Hi Steve,

    I’m a senior citizen and I just started baking and your videos have been an inspiration!

    Quick question….who makes the glass mixing bowl that you use and what size is it? (Ex. 4.5 quart). Do you know where I can purchase them?

    Also…I love your scoring with the scissors…it worked better for me than a lame and safer too.

    Thanks again and God Bless


    1. It’s a 3-/2 qt Anchor glass bowl. I comes in a set of about 12 bowls. They are available on the web, but other bowls are available individually. Steve

  34. Hi Steve
    I am from the Philippines and had retired from work. I love breads and happy I came across your YouTube channel about bread making. I would love to start making one. But I have few concerns. 1. I have no Dutch oven, could I use anchor glass container with cover? 2. The weather temp here in Manila is on the average 34degree centigrade, so is overnight proofing still doable? What if I did it during daytime and the dough had doubled in less than the number of hours you stated ? 3. What do you mean by turbo (sorry can’t recall the exact words ). Thank you

    1. Turbo proofs for a shorter time. You may want to check my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com). It has both turbo and traditional recipes and demonstrates how a variety of bake ware. And, you may find it better to use the turbo method in your climate. Steve

    2. Thank you so much, appreciate your quick response. Am running through the videos, and I am excited to start. Thank you for your amazing tips and love all your breads, you’re such a great help to me who have zero knowledge in baking.

      Good day.

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  37. Good day,
    I am an old newbie. I would like to buy your books, but need the print a bit larger. Please do not suggest printing e-book, do not have a computer. I am very interested in your olive bread – which book is that in. Last time I baked was 50 years ago.

    1. The Mediterranean Olive bread recipe is in “My No-Knead Bread Cookbook” and “28 Popular No-Knead Breads”. Steve

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  69. Hi Steve, I stumbled across your videos on YouTube. Last year I had tried making bread but it was always dry and crumbly. After seeing your video for using the PMDO, I decided to give it another try. My first loaf of bread with the PMDO was fantastic! With that success, I decided to buy your bread making cookbook. Today I baked my first loaf of Honey Whole Wheat bread. It turned out spectacular – soft and flavorful! Now I am starting to read through your cookbook and looking forward to making much, much more bread. Thank you for showing me how!

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    Please keep making more videos- I would love to see a few more video on savoury and sweet baking – things that you could take on a picnic.
    Awesome content Steve!!

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    Cheers mate

  86. Hello Steve! I discovered your You Tube channel a couple months ago, bought a cast iron dutch oven and can not imagine ever buying store bought bread again! Thank you so much for all your wonderful videos, and for teaching me to make bread that tastes BETTER than most bread at the market. The loaf I made yesterday was using your beer bread recipe and my favorite beer-New Castle Ale. OH MY!!! So very yummy.
    I do have a question for you today. Do you have a recipe for bagels? I haven’t been able to find one on your You Tube channel. I would love to be able to make bagels.

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  107. Hi, Steve – I came across your YouTube videos quite by accident. We had been buying Artisan bread for about 5 years at a local grocery store, but since the COVID 19 situation began, the variety and availability of that bread has been inconsistent. So, I went to look for a “no-knead” artisan bread, and there you were! I love it that you are right here in the Kansas City area as well. So far, I have made the Multigrain Country White bread (with a little wheat flour added as part of the flour mixture). Delicious! But the second and third loaves have been the Caraway Rye and we are hooked. It also inspired me to get a real bread knife, and a bamboo slicer guide. Now I’m searching for the right storage container. Right now, it’s a paper grocery bag with a bag clip. Not the prettiest kitchen accessory! Thank you for your website, videos and cookbook (28 Popular No-Knead Breads). Next, it’s the baguettes!

  108. Hi from Montreal, Qc Canada 🙂

    I have a question regarding the soft pretzels recipe: I try it twice and, after the proofing, no mater how much flour I add on the board or the dough, it still comes back sticky, it’s impossible to make a ball and cut it into pieces. I was able to salvage it into a round bread, but no way I could make pretzel with it.

    Hoping you have an advice for me pretty please 🙂
    P.S.: I wrote an article on a blog I’m collaborating, it’s in French. Our readers like it a lot.

    Thank you and happy baking.

    1. This is an old video using old technique. Since then I developed “roll-to-coat”… I dust the wet dough with flour before I roll it out of the bowl. You may want to check my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) and watch some of the new videos. Steve

  109. Hi Steve,

    I have been enjoying your videos and have had great success with your recipes and techniques. I have purchased both of you cookbooks and have loved those, too. I had a couple of questions. I know you update things as you improve techniques. In your Turbo bread book on p. 56 you list the ingredients 14 oz warm water and 1-1/4 tsp yeast 3 cups flour. In the regular method book on p. 64 you are using 14oz. warm water again and 2-1/4 tsp yeast 3 C. flour. One of your videos you use 16 oz of cool water and 1-1/4 tsp yeast and 3-1/2 C. flour. I just was wondering what combination have you found gives the best results?

    1. I have gravitated to… 14 oz water, 1/4 tsp (traditional) or 1-1/4 tsp (Turbo) yeast, and 3-1/2 cups bread flour because (1) with roll-to-coat i don’t have to be afraid of to much water, and (2) I increased the flour from 3 to 3-1/2 cups so that the recipes could be baked in either a Dutch oven or bread pan. Steve

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  112. Hi Steve. I’m making bread using your clear, concise, and not wordy instructions. Great job. Really enjoy watching your videos.
    I have three questions : At first, the regular white loaf was beautiful and well domed. Recently they seem wetter and are flatter and droop over one side. I’m using 12 oz water, 3.5 cups bread flour, etc. Taste okay, not as beautiful as first one. Any suggestions?
    2. Do you proof sweet dough With egg yolk on counter or refrigerator?
    3. Why do you start with water sometimes and other times, with dry ingredients? Thank you again for your information.

      1. Help! Can’t find where to ask a question – hope you get this. I make your Honey Whole Wheat Bread “turbo” style in a PMDO. It ALWAYS over flows the pan, then ooZes when baking. Why? Too much water? I use the 16 oz listed, but warm and increase yeast to 1 1/4 tsp. Please help!

        1. If your pan over flows it could be… the size of the pan, the nature of the wheat flour (how much water it absorbs), the length of second proofing, or humidity (high humidity add moisture). Reduce water by 2 to 4 oz and only proof for 30 minutes (2nd proofing). Steve

  113. Made your turbo bread for the first time last night. Came out beautifully.

    Qustion, do you have any knowledge of or recommendations about gluten-free bread making? My husband can eat regular bread, I am a celiac. Thanks to you

  114. HI, Steve. I found your videos just recently and can’t get enough. I’m trying a cheesy garlic bread and your cinnamon rolls. Made the dough last night, but was a bit skiddish about leaving it on the counter all night, since both contain dairy products. I proofed for a couple hours, then put them in the fridge overnight. Brought them out this morning to get back to room temp. Can you maybe explain why the egg or milk doesn’t spoil staying out all night? Also, do you have a recipe for a Hawaiian style bread? Thank you so much! Keep up the videos, they are great!

    1. I come from a time during which milkman delivered dairy products in non-refrigerated trucks and left them in a box on the door step. And prior to refrigeration, the French proofed brioche for hour in their bakeries. But times have changed and I will be updated the recipe using non-fat dry milk. Steve

  115. Steve,
    In the turbo bread video with the second rise with the dough in “the poor man’s Dutch oven” how can I determine rise time? I can’t see the dough.
    Thanks, Richard

  116. Steve, your recipes are great and I have made many loaves successfully.

    Do you ever make sourdough bread? I’d like to know your recipe because you simplify instructions!


  117. Pretty nice post. I stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your article. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  118. Hi Steve, Thank you for all your videos. I absolutely enjoy making, and eating your bread. I am ready to make loaves and gift them to friends. Can you tell me what bread bags you use, or provide a link. Thank you again. And stay safe.

  119. This design is steller! You obviously understand how to have a reader amused. In between your wit along with your videos, I used to be almost relocated to start my blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I actually enjoyed everything you had to say, and over that, the method that you presented it. Too cool!

  120. Dear Steve,

    Thank you so much for your recipes and techniques. You are the bomb.

    However, I find bread flour too expensive. Are you aware of any work-arounds? I have been using all-purpose flour, but am aware that it is not going to be as springy as bread flour.

    Also,Steve,your breads tend to be crusty and I love that. But sometimes I want soft and squishy bread, like for peanut butter sandwiches. Or for raisin bread, which I like less crusty. Do you have any techniques for that?

  121. Dear Steve, Thank you so much for all the effort you put in your wonderful videos. I have learned so much from you. I feel so grateful. There is something I really need you to help me with. After a long time baking, I have finally found the resources to buy a Le Cruset dutch-oven. But I have just read that enameled dutch-ovens cannot be preaheated in the oven while empty. I have seen numerous times in your videos that you say you preheat yours. Have you ever had any problem preheating your dutch-oven empy? Do you think it is safe that I do so with my just-bought dutch-oven? Thank you so much in advance for your attention and for everything my mother and I have learned from you.

    1. I have never had a problem preheating my Dutch ovens, but you can use a Dutch oven without preheating… add 10 to 15 minutes to your baking time. Steve

  122. Hi Steve. I have baked the sesame seeds bread twice now and this is the first time I am enjoying making bread because it is coming out just perfect. Thank you!!! I have a question. I am going to try to make the cinnamon raisin bread and I wonder if I can bake it with an open bread pan instead of the PMDO. Thank you!!

  123. I just received your My No-Keanu Bread Cookbook after having baked several types of loaves from your videos. I noticed that the recipes in the book can differ from those on the videos, especially regarding over temperature and cooking time. I assume this is due to improvements and updates. Is one source more recent or more accurate than the other?

    Thanks, Jim

  124. Having read this I believed it was rather enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this short article together.
    I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

  125. Thank you, Steve! I baked around 50 loaves(four different kinds) of bread and everyone was delighted. I have 9 students, including my 6 year old granddaughter. I share knowledge in my kitchen, over the phone and the number of “bakers” continue growing. My personal record is FOUR LOAVES baked in one day. Everyone who tasted the bread considered it “the best bread ever”! During the lockdown I watched numerous videos about bread baking. YOU ARE MY MASTER! Your style made me wonder about your background. People usually buy a vowel, you dropped a consonant(“N”), to become a BAKER! Thank God for that! I’m one of your biggest fans!

  126. Thank you for making bread making so easy. Over the years, I have watched your videos and bought your books but thought I never seemed to have the time to bake. I recently retired and made your cinnamon raisin bread in a poor man’s dutch oven (complete with binder clips!). OMG, it was so easy and took virtually no time. You have opened a new bread baking world for me. Your videos and books make bread making so easy. Thank you for sharing your recipes and trick/tips. You are truly a genuine and gentle soul.

  127. Hi Steve, I need a yeasted cornbread roll recipe that can be no-knead. Can you recommend which of your cookbooks would have a cornbread recipe in it. I found a recipe that looks easy on line but it requires a dough hook. It also requires a beaten egg..it sure would be nice to know how to make no knead corn bread.
    Thanks Esther

  128. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this
    website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this
    from. thank you

  129. At this time, it seems like WordPress is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog? Great post, however, I was wondering if you could write a little more on this subject?

  130. I have 3 different copies of your bread books. And thanks to you, I bake every week.

    During the covid-19 quarantine, I could not find my Fleishmann Instant BREAD machine yeast. What other brand can I use and what are the exact names on the label and what color are the containers, eg SAF red vs SAF gold

    Thank you

  131. I have been baking bread in the UK for several years and became interested in your recipes and methods during the Covid-19 period because my usual flour was difficult to buy and I ended up with some Rye flour which I had never used before. My first attempt has been a disaster because the hydration was so high, more like a bowl of porridge than dough. Can you tell me where I have gone wrong?
    2 1/2 US cups of flour 317.5 gms
    1 cup rye flour 102 gms
    Total flour 417.5 gms
    14 US oz water 414 gms
    Hydration 414/417.5 = 99%
    I actually didn’t use all the water I had 50gms left by the time I realised that the dough was too wet. But I hadn’t stopped adding water early enough. The dough rose very well in the first proof but there was no rise left in it after 24 hrs and transferring it to the bread tin. I would really like to use this Rye flour can you see what I am doing wrong please?

  132. I’ve just started baking breads with Steve’s recipes, and so far 4 out if 4 have turned out perfect (white, whole wheat, rye, and multi-seed)!

    I’m using a 6 quart Lodge enameled Dutch oven. I’ve had no problem pre-heating oven, pot, and lid (off) to 450. I think the qualms about preheating enameled DO’s are for pre-heating the empty pot on the stove. Obviously the DO heats much more slowly and uniformly in the oven.

    I’ve used SAF instant yeast (red pack) for years. It never fails and keeps perfectly in an airtight container in the freezer.

    I find that folding and tucking the batter (with a spatula right in the bowl or dough container)a few (about 3) times during the first rise improves the “artisan” structure.

    I use a banneton for the 2nd rise and invert the dough onto pre-crumpled-and-flattened parchment paper. Pre-crumpling makes the paper fit the pot much better! I score with a serrated bread knife (I found no sharp knife worked on these wet doughs, nor did a lame).

    For 3 cup recipes, I’ve found that about 33 min with lid on and 17 lid off are perfect for my oven.

    Thanks, Steve!

  133. I had my first failure today:-(.
    I deviated from Steve’s directions:-(. I wanted to make his Jalapeno Cheese Bread in my Lodge Dutch Oven & it came out caved in:-(.
    I used the directions for the Cheese Bread for timing & temperature so it was one loaf not two long smaller loaves as per his directions.

    I have been thrilled with Steve’s methods & have been successful with all of his recipes that I’ve tried.
    Any suggestions for using either my Dutch Oven or PMDO?
    Thanks, Pat

  134. What brand and type of knife do you use to slice the your “No Knead” breads?
    I made the No Knead Honey Oatmeal Bread & love it. So moist!
    Love your website – have watched it several times.

    Thank you, Steve

  135. Hi again Steve,

    What is the brand & dimensions of the clay baker you use for the Mediterranean Olive Bread?

  136. Hi Steve, I am really enjoying your recipes, but my Dutch oven is 7 quarts so too big and the bread spreads out, can i make the 8 grain bread is a cast iron frying pan with no cover, will it turn out the same? Also if I use the binder clips I cant help wondering will the plastic melt, as I would like to try the poor mans version of a Dutch oven.

  137. I ordered assorted sized metal binder clips & none of them work.
    The largest of these just snaps off.
    Do you have more specific information to give me that would help?
    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your feedback.

  138. Steve- I am enjoying your bread recipes very much. I enjoy the Turbo versions the most. Can I make a Turbo Cinnamon Raisin Bread? I see you have an over night proof version. Would I need to adjust measurement amounts?


    1. “Turbo” method… if you wish to reduce the proofing time from 8 hours to 2-1/2 hours… increase yeast from 1-1/4 to 2-1/4 tsp and proof in a warm draft free environment (78 to 85 degrees F). Steve

  139. Steve,
    Is there any way you could add a “Search” function? (If you have it, I apologise, but can’t find it)
    You answer so many repeat questions (thank you), it would cut down on your work.
    And make quick and easy information available to us.
    I have quite a few of your books, maybe a reference to the answer in a book?
    I love your quiet, peaceful demeanor during this crazy time. I am your age, but watching your videos I feel like I’m with my grandpa!

  140. Thank you Steve for your step by step recipes and videos. They are inspiring, easy to follow, and the bread is delicious. I made the Mediterranean Olive Bread for a Father’s Day dinner and received rave reviews from everyone. This was my first no knead bread, and I didn’t have a clay baker, so I used a loaf pan. Worked just fine. For using a clay baker, do you have to soak it in water as some sites recommend doing that.

  141. Hi Steve
    I have been making your recipes of bread(whole wheat bread) every alternate week and have just stopped buying any bread from outside, thank you very much 🙂 Trying to be vegan, I would not want to continue using yeast, is there a substitute that i could use? Your reply will be very helpful in continuing me to bake bread at home. Thanks

  142. I would just LOVE to see you do an ebook on bread tricks for volunteers/crowds that minimize time and cost. What size/type containers are you using in the large batch breads? I’m baking for a ministry/pantry for elders. They need softer bread than artisan but I think this will solve all the time it’s taking to bake for them. I’m going to be cooking through several recipes. I’m buying 25lb flour bags and a contain that holds that much is a PAIN. And, it looks like you are matching your recipes to container sizes and bulk. I spent almost a year baking a bread a day to learn it (not my talent) and I’ve got the principles down and know that fine line of easy, vs. time, vs everything else. I also would love to find the best bread for the lowest cost for teaching volunteers. So, all the rolls I’m finding require a lot of money that I don’t think is going to feed as many as getting it simple as possible with as much flavor for cost. I’ll enjoy trying these. But, I would like tips on containers you use because the less I spend in time and ingredients, the more we can feed.I love what you’re doing. I’m checking out the ebook as we speak.

    1. Have you watched “Introduction to Making No-Knead Bread in Batches (For Restaurants, Bake Sales, Family Reunions…)”? Steve

  143. Thank you, Steve! I tried my first bread loaf today. I followed your recipe for whole wheat bread. It has come out perfect. The taste was simply amazing.
    I don’t have a dutch oven, proofing tray and I baked in my microwave oven. I did DIY my baking equipment taking inspiration from your suggestions. It turned out pretty amazing. Thank you so much for inspiration, directions and giving hope when I was just about to loose it.

  144. I have been using your recipes for a couple of years now. I want to thank you for sharing your
    techniques with all of us. It has been hot this summer and I do not want to turn on the oven. So I
    have making stove top English Muffins. The recipe is much like your dinner roll recipe.I thought you
    might want to try this out and produce a video to share with others.

    I use:
    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup milk ( or any non dairy such as rice milk)
    1 tsp instant yeast
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 Tbsp oil or butter
    2 cups flour

    After proofing overnight, I shape them into 6 balls and place them on sheet pan that has been
    sprinkled with cornmeal. I flatten them softly with cornmeal on my fingers. I cover them with a light
    cloth and let rise 30 minutes to an hour depending on the temperature of your kitchen. I heat a cast
    iron pan to medium-low and cook 2 to 3 muffins with a lid on the pan for 4 minutes a side turning
    180 degrees at 2 minutes in case the pan has a hot center. Place cooked muffins on a rack to cool,
    then split in half and toast.

  145. Hi Steve! I am a new baker lucky enough to have found your video on YouTube. I baked my first ever loaf of bread last week using your Honey Whole Wheat bread receipe. It turned out great, I am hooked and bought your cookbook!

    This morning I baked the multigrain whole wheat bread using the taditional mehtod. The first proof was for about 22 hours on the counter top. The dough came out very very wet adn sticky. I added a lot of flour but it would/could not hold its shape. IThe second proof was in a skillet as instructed. What could be the cause? too much water? too long the counter top?

    1. No-knead dough is very wet… no problem. You don’t need to shape the dough. Just roll the dough out into the skillet… the skillet will shape the dough. Steve

  146. I would like to make your Cinnamon Raisin no knead bread but cannot find bread flour. Can I substitute all purpose flour. Also can I make this in my cast iron dutch oven using the typical no knead technique by preheating the dutch oven before baking the bread.

    1. You can use all-purpose flour. And, recipes (ingredients) are independent of baking technique. You can use the ingredients from one recipe with the technique of another (baking vessel, time and temperature, etc.). You may want to go to my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) for all the options. Steve

  147. Steve I forgot that I use 1tsp of sugar for the stove top english muffins. I think it helps brown the muffins.

    I use:
    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup milk ( or any non dairy such as rice milk)
    1 tsp instant yeast
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 Tbsp oil or butter
    2 cups flour

    It might not be necessary, but I just remembered.

    Take Care

  148. Hi Steve, Thank you for your 4 ingredients no knead bread recipe, I’ve been trying more than 5 times by using the traditional dough proofing method, but I couldn’t bake the bread successfully, the bread didn’t rise after baked, I didn’t know what did I do wrong, can you please help!

  149. Hi Steve , thank you for your reply, I think the yeast is fine because the first over night proofing were very bubbling and the dough was wet, I had a difficult time to handle the dough into a second proofing container, and using the scissors to scoring the dough wasn’t successful, look like the dough was too wet to score, I used the bread flour, and 12oz. water. Baked in Dutch oven with the lid, I really want to bake the artisan bread by following your simple recipe and method, What should I do next time?

    1. The dough is too wet to score… that is why I use a scissors. You should watch “No-Knead Italian Sesame Seed Bread… baked 4 ways”. It demonstrates the flexibility of a recipe using the newer technique. Steve

  150. Hi Steve. I love your cinnamon raisin bread…it is a fantastic treat. The only problem I have with it is how addicting it is. From now on I only make it when the family is here for a meal. Thanks for all your work.

  151. Hi Steve. I’ve made a few of your recipes and they turned out great. I love great bread. I really appreciate easy bread recipes as I don’t want to spend all day babysitting the dough.

    I also like the size and look of the flour canisters you are using. Are they available online somewhere they could be ordered?
    Thanks again,

  152. Steve you are truly a wonderful wonderful teacher. I had two failures and almost gave up ever trying to bake bread till I found your videos online. Now I bake regularly and though the situation is a whole lot better and shops are open my family absolutely refuses to eat commercial bread.
    Need some help though in scaling up the quantity of ingredients to get a slightly larger loaf in a 9*5 pan. I looooove your PMDO method

  153. Steve,
    Your no knead bread using the handle of spoon got my husband me laughing. He knew I had to us the bread hook on the mixer, but I said I could hand mix it. We watched in awe as your video showed in a few minutes a few turns of the spoon, the proofing, then popping into the oven made a great loaf of bread. WOW! I now cannot believe how easy it is to make a loaf. Mine is “proofing” for dinner tonight! We can’t wait to enjoy!!

  154. Steve,
    Can you expand or further explain the 8-24 hour fermentation times?
    Are we waiting for the dough to ferment and rise and 8 Hours is enough?
    If my dough is retreating, why wait another 16 hours to bake other than perhaps flavor development?
    I’m sure you have experimented with all this so tell us what you have discovered.
    Everything you outline in your book is clear and makes sense, but this broad time window is a conundrum to me.

    FYI I too am a retired software developer starting back in the IBM 360 COBOL days, lots has changed eh?

    Hopefully you will email me back as this thread is getting pretty long, I may not See an answer… 😉

    New Braunfels TX

      1. Do you have a recipe for tiger bread, a. k. a. Dutch crunch bread? I would like to use one of your no knead bread recipes.

  155. Hi – I’m having trouble with the no-knead basic bread. I mix it up in the evening, it proofs overnight in the oven with just the light on. The dough is very wet and sticky. On the second rise, it just flops over the edge of the pan. I tried to move it back to the centre of the pan, but when I put it in to bake, it again draped over the side of the pan. What am I doing wrong? I’ve watched your video again, and my dough isn’t as “formed” as yours. It’s very floppy. Your advice would be appreciated.

    1. You’re over proofing. The oven light method is for Turbo bread (proofs for 1-1/2 hours). For traditional… proof over night on the counter. Steve

  156. My no knead white bread (not turbo) the crust game out really hard. I must admit that we lost track of time. My husband used the timer on the microwave the processed to microwave something. The crust color looked okay.
    My bread never is very tall. 9” by 4 1/2” pan.

    1. You can control the hardness of the crust by reducing the amount of time you bake it with the top off. And, you can make a larger loaf by adding 2 oz water and 1/2 cup flour. Steve

  157. Hello Steve,
    I just bought one of your amazing cookbooks, I was wondering, can I cook the raisin bread in a regular 6 quart dutch oven?

    1. Yes, but the technique would be different (preheated Dutch oven). Recipes (ingredients) are independent of baking technique. You can use the ingredients from one recipe with the technique of another (baking vessel, time and temperature, etc.). You may want to go to my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) for all the options. Steve

  158. Hi Steve,
    Thank you so much for your videos as they are truly are inspirational. May I ask two questions? I promise to keep them brief.
    1: Where did you purchase your measuring cups? (They resemble a set that we once owned that were from Williams and Sonoma.)
    2. Would you consider your recipes to be “Pullman Loaf” pan friendly?

    Thank you once again and, God Bless.

  159. Hi Steve. Could I substitute for instance whole wheat bread flour at least in part for a recipe that calls for 3 1/2 cups of plain bread flour.

  160. Greetings Steve. I am deeply appreciative of your no kneed methods. It is inspirational and motivating. Question, if I may, would you basic recipe work in a Pullman Loaf pan?

  161. I messaged you about making English muffins on top of the stove. After testing different recipes I have returned to your basic method. I do not know if tried making them yet but this recipe is the best based on your dinner rolls. If this method works for you, you might like to share it with your viewers.

    It has been too hot where I live to turn on the oven so I have been making English muffins with a recipe based on your dinner rolls but on top off the stove. I use:

    3/4 cup water
    1/4 tsp instant yeast
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 cups bread flour

    Combine with the handle of a spoon, then if needed press the in the dry bits with your hands. Cover with a plate or lid. I do not use plastic wrap because I want to reduce my use of plastic and the plate works just fine. I proof it 8 to 12 hours. Then I form 6 tight balls of dough, press and flatten each ball in cornmeal to lightly coat the top and bottom. Cover with a light towel and proof 30 to 60 minutes depending on the temperature of the room.

    Heat a cast iron pan to medium low, then with a spatula place (depending on the size of your pan) two or three muffins. Cover with lid cook 2 minutes then turn 180 degrees and cook 2 more minutes. Then flip the muffin over cover and cook the top the same way as the bottom. Place on rack to cool then split open and toast.

  162. Hello Steve,
    Thanks so much for the videos which are very helpful for a new baker like me. I wonder if the no-knead technique can be applied to baking bread with wet ingredients, such as basil tomato bread (with or without cheese).

  163. just made your recipe for artisan no hands bread – loved it – easy to do but tasted a little mushy -do you have a solution to this? perhaps i should have left it in the oven longer – hard to know appreciate any comments


  164. Hi Steve,
    Over the past few months, you have turned me into a bread baker. I have made several of your breads all with great success and with my 18 and 22 year old boys living at home during the lockdown, that bread all got eaten! Now, they have moved out and it’s just my husband and me in the house so baking full sized loaves makes more than we need. I would love to somehow freeze the dough in half loaves that can be taken out, defrosted and then baked. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this with or without par baking?
    Thank you!

    1. For smaller portions you can make two half loaves (recipes on my website nokneadbreadcentral.com) or cut the loaf in half and freeze half. Steve

  165. I love your books. They have really inspired me to broaden my baking and cooking experiences. My grandfather was a card carrying bread baker in many neighborhood NYC bakeries and a couple of larger ones as well in the first half of the 20th century. It was his life long profession. I didn’t know him well but, as weird as it may sound, I feel like my bread baking helps me know him a little better. One of the few good things to come out of this pandemic.
    Based on your recommendations, and the individual recipes in your books, I use my traditional ceramic coated cast iron Dutch Oven for some breads and my PMDO for others. I have been baking rye bread in the PMDO but would like to make some round loaves in my traditional Dutch Oven for Thanksgiving gifts. Other than preheating the ceramic coated cast iron Dutch Oven, is there anything else I need to change, ei: baking time, temperature?

    Also, I would like to try making some pumpernickel. Most of the recipes I’ve found seem a lot more complicated than the no-knead method and seem to make much larger loaves. Can I simply reduce ingredients proportionally and make it like any other no-knead rye bread?

  166. I’m getting great bread and rolls, but am having a tough time handling the dough for portioning and shaping. Any suggestions as to how to handle the de-gassed dough for splitting a five loaf batch into individual loaves and portioning a batch of dough into individual rolls?

    Thank you, Paul

    1. You may have watched an older video. Since then I developed “roll-to-coat”… I dust the wet dough with flour before I roll it out of the bowl. You may want to check my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) and watch some of the new videos. Steve

      1. Thank you.

        Would chilling the dough after degassing, then doing the final proof for 60 – 90 minutes make it easier to handle?


  167. Steve, I ran into your youtube channel by mistake and I’m glad I did. Your videos are excellent and I tried a couple recipes already and they turned out great. I’m going to order one of your books so that I have the the ability to try other types of bread.

  168. Steve, I find you video tutorials to be excellent. Straight to the point. No waffle and you get right to it from the start. Very refreshing indeed.

    My first try ever at making bread was a couple of days ago and it was Sandwich Bread in a PMDO.
    I followed your instructions and the loaf came out with a hard, tough, thick crust and quite wet inside. The flour and yeast I bought around 8 months ago (unopened until now) and the yeast was vacuum packed.
    Cooked in a fan forced gas oven in our caravan. I don’t know how accurate the temperature is, but will buy a thermometer for next try.

    Can you suggest where my problem might be rectified, please?
    I’m desperate to get this right.

    Thank you very much,
    R. Ormond Williams

    1. I make artisan breads. The dough is wetter and the crust is little harder, but no problem. If you want the crumb dryer… increase the baking time with the top on. If you want a softer crust… decrease the baking time with the top off. Steve

  169. Hi Steve,

    Question about weight. How many grams to a cup of bread flour?

    I watched a King Arthur video, that talks about “fluffing” the flour, which gets about 127 grams per cup. Measuring a solid cup of flour gets about 160.

    This may have a lot to do with how hard I’m finding it to work the large batches and rolls.

    If I’m baking no-knead bread and measuring by weight, what would you recommend?



  170. Do you have a batch recipe for cinnamon raisin bread? It’s big hit with our friends and family:-)



  171. Hi Steve
    I have been making your raisin bread for months. I just started using the recipe substituting craisins for raisins and adding walnuts. It is a big hit.
    I just got the no knead cookbook and am anxious to try something new.
    I used your poor mans dutch oven until recently why I scored a beautiful clay baker at a thrift store. I don’t have a round dutch oven. Can all of the round loaf recipes be made in a loaf pan? Would the cooking time be the same.
    Thank you for all your recipes and videos!

    1. Recipes (ingredients) are independent of baking technique. You can use the ingredients from one recipe with the technique of another (baking vessel, time and temperature, etc.). You may want to go to my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) for all the options. Steve

  172. Hello, I’ve been making your bread for several months now (once a week). Especially the Harvest Grain. I rotate your recipes weekly. So enjoyable and easy and tasty!
    However, my husband has recently found out he needs to cut out gluten because of a medical issue. Do you have a bread-making recipe for gluten free bread? If not, do you know someone that does have a recipe?
    Thank you for any help you may offer.

    Starla Basinger

  173. Hi, In your “My No-Knead Bread Cookbook” the raisin bread recipe calls for 1 1/4 tsp Instant Yeast. In the “Option:” Pg. 63, it says for the “Turbo” method to increase the yeast to 2 1/4 tsp.
    In your “My No-Knead Turbo Bread Cookbook” the raisin bread recipe calls for 1 1/4 tsp Instant Yeas, Pg. 56.
    Is the 2 1/4 tsp Instant Yeast listed in the first cookbook in error?
    I followed the Option:”Turbo” Method, in My No-Knead Bread Cookbook” Turbo and the dough grew so much it spilled over the sides of the PMDO.

  174. Hi Steve.
    I’m having problems with your no-knead Olive bread recipe. The first time I made it was a great success but I made it a second time and the dough didn’t rise all. I’m using quick rise yeast and the only thing I did different from your recipe is placing dough in refrigerator overnight instead of on the counter. I tried a third time but this time I tested the yeast beforehand and it was fine. Again this third loaf did not rise at all in refrigerator. I’ve looked online and figure out a possible issue. Have you heard problem of this from any of your readers?
    Thanks, John Hughes

  175. Hi Steve

    I followed your advice to you sesame seeds on the crust and that works really well to make it feel like bread. Are there any other seeds you like to use ? All the best to you Steve and thnks.

  176. Steve:
    Great videos but I think I’m doing something wrong on turbo no-knead and would appreciate recommendations. Following instructions for both loaf and dutch oven, the bread comes out looking like video but tastes very bland and dense, tasting almost like flour. Also, when slicing, the slices have a tendency to break apart in sections and don’t fully hold together. If it makes a difference, I’ve not been able to pick up bread flour lately and have had to use all purpose flour. Other than that, I think I’m following the steps and, to the eye, it comes out pretty much like in the video on the surface. It’s the taste and the slices where I think I must be doing something wrong. Any thoughts? Keep up the good work!

  177. Hi Steve! Glad to see some posts here! I was getting worried after no new videos for 5 months! Please check in with your fans, some ideas for Christmas gifts for the bread-making friends and family in your life perhaps …? We miss you so much! I thought I could bake bread until I found your videos. Now my bread is what I am most proud of as now I know how to make it perfect thanks to you! Please post a Christmas video!!! We miss you so much and we so very sorry when you lost your beloved dog, I cried at that video! Love you from Canada!!!!!

  178. Hi Steve,
    how should I store the yeast?
    I have refrigerated in the glass jar is it good?
    may lord keep u safe and healthy thank u for great recipes.
    stay blessed
    Thank u

  179. Steve:

    Question about making more than one loaf at a time. If you have enough bowls and/or loaf pans or dutch ovens, do any of the proofing times or baking times change if you were to proof or bake two or more loaves in the oven at the same time next to each other?

    1. All are the same except Mediterranean Olive and raisin bread which have longer 2nd proofing times because the ingredients are very heavy. Steve

  180. Recently found your awesome Youtube channel. What an exceptional and excellent Teacher you are, Sir.

    Just ordered two of your cookbooks and I’m very excited about this journey. Thank You, Steve!

  181. I loved your No-Knead Cinnamon Raisin Bread (updated), but I have a problem. My wife Janee hates raisins. What if I substituted dried cranberries for the raisins? Do you see this as a reasonable switch? Thanks.

  182. Hello Steve,

    1st I don’t remember how I found your video’s but I and my family and friends love your bead recipes.

    That being said I would love a malt bread recipe if you have one.

    Thank you again.


  183. My daughter sent me the link to your videos then I bought your cookbook. Since we’re in a pandemic right now I’ve been making bread nearly everyday. It helps keep my sanity. It feels good to give a loaf to my neighbor who brings me eggs, or friends stuck in quarantine, and family who I’m unable to hug. There’s nothing that says love more than a loaf of homemade bread. Thanks Steve, you have no idea how much you’ve helped.

  184. Just tried my first ‘no knead’ overnight proofing loaf. Except wanted a traditional loaf shape so rather than using my (quite large) cast iron casserole, I used your ingenious PMDO. Sprinkling sesame seeds through the 2nd proofed dough and more on top. OMG! Just said to my partner “don’t think we have a prayer of losing weight any time soon, hon”. Gorgeous bread! Have just purchased a couple of your e-books.

    A couple of questions. I’m in Australia and our tablespoon measures 20ml (i.e. 4 teaspoons) rather than the US 15ml. Should I worry? I have your overnight cinnamon,raisin bread sitting in the corner for its first proof and only remembered the difference AFTER I’d finished the make up. AND does it matter if I just use ordinary flour (ran out of Bread flour and I’m Rural – nearest shopping centre is a 40 min drive).

    1. U.S. and metric measuring cups may be used interchangeably… there is only a slight difference (±3%). More importantly, the ingredients of a recipe measured with a set (U.S. or metric) will have their volumes in the same proportion to one another. Steve

  185. Hi there Steve. I love your no-knead recipes. At age 75 I’m making my own bread. Yesterday I made your basic four ingredient bread using “in date” instant yeast – from a sealed packet. I used regular white flour (McDougalls) which is a good make in the UK. Not a budget brand. It rose well on both provings. Cooked in a Dutch oven. However, when it came Out of the oven it wasn’t nearly as high as yours – although baked in a smallish Dutch oven. Domed in the middle but only about 2 inches high on the sides. Crust is great. Inside was a little “doughy” but I know it was cooked through as it sounded hollow when tapped on the bottom. Also, even though I used a white flour the bread had the appearance of whole meal when baked. Any ideas please? My husband loved it though (which made me happy)

    1. You may want to watch “Attributes of a Poor Man’s Dutch Oven (PMDO)… How to make your PMDO (May 15,2020 – 3:04)”. It talks about the size of pans. Steve

    1. Use the baking technique from the roll recipe. Recipes (ingredients) are independent of baking technique. You can use the ingredients from one recipe with the technique of another (baking vessel, time and temperature, etc.). You may want to go to my website (nokneadbreadcentral.com) for all the options. Steve

  186. I just received my enameled Dutch oven yesterday and made my first loaf of Turbo bread today. It was PERFECT! It was tasty and perfect texture, crusty exterior, nice and chewy interior. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! 5 minutes to make, 5 minutes to clean up. I made it while watching your video. 🙂

  187. Hi Steve, I’ve had great success with your bread recipes. I want to experiment with making bagels, including boiling the shaped dough. I made some rolls using the turbo method for pizza dough, cut them in half after cooking, and the taste/texture was similar, although drier, than a bagel (since they were never boiled). Have you tinkered with a no-knead bagel recipe yet? Actually, I’m not afraid of kneading anymore!! Thanks for all of your advice and instructions with bread, love your videos.

    1. No bagels, but I do have “No-Knead Soft Pretzels, Pretzel Sticks & Pretzel Nuggets” and “No-Knead Soft Pretzel Sandwich and Dinner Rolls”. Steve

  188. I have just recently discovered your videos and book, and I wish I had come across them years ago! I have made several loaves of bread successfully, which feels so good after avoiding any baking with yeast after multiple failures in the past. I do have question on using the PMDO for the cinnamon raisin bread. I followed the directions and used PAM on the bottom pan only. My bread stuck to the top pan so badly that I had trouble getting the bread out of the pans, and finally the top third tore off when I got it out. The bread was delicious, however. Is it OK to spray both pans? Thank you for sharing your bread-making techniques with the world. It is truly a game-changer for me and now I make fresh bread a few times a week!

  189. Hi Steve,
    I just made two loaves of the Mediterranean Olive Bread and it is deee-licious. The crust is great and it looks a lot like yours, but mine is quite moist (wonderful olives and all), The crumb LOOKS like it is cooked OK, and it tastes great…only the moisture, while not objectionable, is curious.

    Whaddaya think??


    1. Mediterranean olive bread has a lot of moisture because the ingredients are heavy. if the internal temperature is 200 degrees F. it’s just fine. Steve

  190. I’ve seen your recipes. How can you proof yeast with cold or hot water without some sort of sugar? Your recipe for No-Knead Ciabatta Sandwich Rolls does not call for any type of sugar.

    Also what is the difference between instant yeast an regular yeast?

  191. Good afternoon from beautiful Alabama! I just “found” your No-Knead Cinnamon Raisin Bread video and am looking forward to making it. My mother taught me 65 years ago always to sift the flour before measuring. I know sifting increases the volume of flour, so if the flour is lumpy, should I measure first and sift later? I’ve recently retired and find I have time to bake once again. Thanks for your wonderful videos! I echo an earlier comment saying you are a good, good teacher! Mary Eliza

  192. Hi Steve,
    You’re PMDO is genius. I enjoy the sizing of loaf breads so much more than round ones made in a dutch oven. My question is: After the bread is baked, how long do you leave it in the loaf pan or do you take it out right away to cool? Thank you

  193. Hi Steve,
    Just came across your videos/website. Fantastic! I don’t buy from Amazon either, could you perhaps give me the ISBN number for the ‘Turbo’ cookbook so I can ask our local bookstore to order it?
    Many thanks

  194. My husband said, “tell him my turbo bread is proofing in the oven!” Lol We love your recipes! This is the second loaf he has made in two days.

    We are just curious why there have not been any new videos in the last 8 months or so? We are concerned about you and your wife. We hope you are both doing well.

  195. I made your traditional bread in a bread pan the only problem is it turn out a little dense, any suggestions?

  196. Hello, I found your YouTube channel this past year and was able to make some bread very successfully. Because of that, I bought three of your cookbooks! I looked through your videos and the cookbooks I bought but couldn’t find anything about Portuguese rolls. Is it possible one of your bread recipes could be modified for the Portuguese roll recipe? Most of the recipes I found require long kneading times. Also, can your cinnamon roll recipe be baked as a long, intact roll in a pan rather than cut and placed in the round pan? I was looking for something that would be more moist like the traditional cinnamon roll or the cinnamon swirl bread. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing with us!

  197. I needed a Hobby for getting through the Pandemic here in Canada. You’ve turned me into a Baker, Steve.
    I found you’re posts and have now made your No Knead Raisin Bread and today I made the Multi-Grain w/Oatmeal Bread and will soon dump Store Bought Breads as they’re getting very expensive in Canada. Also you’re Bread recipes are better for my Wife and I. I want to try the Rye Bread next 😉

    Thank You very much for your Posts
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  198. Hi, Steve

    I have been baking your recipes for a few years now. I am still amazed at how practical and easy the recipes are. The smell of fresh bread baking is so calming during stressful times. I am so grateful for your you tube channel which originally inspired me.

    Thank you very much for sharing with us!

  199. Hi Steve,

    I hope you are well Sir. You have a lot of worried subscribers on your channel comment section from the last video. Maybe you could edit the comment section to let your fans know you are well and just taking time out. Seems you have a lot of fans that care for you.


  200. Hi Steve, I have been using your recipes to make bread and buns for sometime now , and they are all great. So , first I want to thank you for making your recipes available . In the last year my wife went on this “keto” diet ( not me though ) , so now when I make bread I am the only one in the house eating it. I have tried some recipes for keto bread and buns but I have not found one that I would repeat . I thought I would take a chance and ask you if you have tried any keto recipes for buns and if so , do you have any recipes to share ?

  201. Hi Steve, I posted this earlier on the wrong page! Repeating: I’m getting ready to make your Honey Whole Wheat, but I prefer the loaf-shape, in 2 clipped 4.5 x 8.5 “Dutch Oven” pans. Can you provide the baking time/temp adjustments for this method, or any other recipe adjustments? Thanks very much, I’m a new-to-you, 67 year old wanna-be baker, and so far the Cinnamon-Raisin and Multigrain turned out great!
    Thank you Steve,
    also Steve, in Folsom, CA.

    1. My recipes (ingredients) are independent of baking technique. You can use the ingredients from one recipe with the technique of another (baking vessel, time and temperature, etc.). In other words… use the baking time and temperature of the method you want to use. Steve

      1. Thanks Steve, I will now proceed with confidence and full abandon! 😎 What a joy acquiring a later-in-life hobby, that is also delicious!
        My best,
        “Folsom” Steve

  202. Hi Steve, I discovered your YouTube videos just as I was embarking on bread baking and your approach was EXACTLY what I was looking for, so thank you! I will buy several of your books now in support. I’m ready to expand beyond the absolutely perfect loaf of cinnamon raisin bread I made yesterday, thanks to you. Jeff and I live in Kansas City, today is 1 degree Fahrenheit and snowy, but we don’t care because the house smells like cinnamon bread, out of the oven.

    Thanks again for making an incomprehensible mountain of a topic into something busy working people can seamlessly add to their lives. Sincerely, Laura

  203. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for ALL your delicious breads recipes. I try my hands at your breads from time to time with great success, breads never failed once.

    I was wondering if you could do a Jamaican hard dough bread. Thank you for the beautiful YouTube bread channel and for sharing your recipes and techniques. 🍞

  204. Hi Steve, do you have a no knead bread recipe using sour cream. Not a sweet bread, but more sour dough type? Love your videos, have watched a bunch so far. Love how you are able to instruct with such clarity. Thank you.

  205. Hello Steve.
    I have just discovered your you tube videos – made your turbo bread with the 8yr old gr daughter- we were all amazed how fast and delicious this was.
    what i haven’t found tho, is a sourdough recipe. am i just missing it??
    and i see you are in Kansas City.. you should give my inlaws restaurant a try sometime. they own the Rancho Grande Cantina (all 3 of them) 🙂
    take care an stay safe
    thank you

  206. Combining your idea of increasing the quantity of yeast to let dough proof in 2 hours rather than 8 hours with Ben Starr’s method of using unfed sourdough discard and letting it proof longer I’ve been converting some of your bread flour and yeast loaves to bread flour and sourdough discard loaves. You might find the concept interesting enough for a future book. The only ingredient you would be replacing would be the yeast with unfed sourdough discard.
    Unfed sourdough discard that has been kept in the refrigerator for months will likely have a layer of alcohol (hooch) on top. That gets stirred and then used. A sniff test will probably tell you it is just fine to use.
    If you experiment with this approach you might want to try using 10% to 20% of the flour and water (by weight) with unfed sourdough starter and leave out the active dry yeast. These could be converted back into a total quantity of starter, flour and water for your final recipes.
    You only feed the unfed starter with equal parts flour and water by weight when you are about to run out. Leave it on the counter until it starts to bubble and return to the refrigerator.
    The unfed starter is a lot less active than any freshly fed starter which is a good thing. It will require a lot longer proofing time BUT it will proof as unfed starter is far from dead. It has slowed down because of the lack of food for the yeast. Using it in dough will definitely get it going again. The additional benefit to a long proofing time is vastly improved flavor. After mixing up the dough you just let it proof until it about doubles, degas, pour into the loaf pan, let it rise slightly above the top of the loaf pan, use your PMDO and bake 30-40min covered, 5-10min uncovered (watch closely, this version will burn on top).
    Thanks for your books. I’ve almost stopped buying bread at the store.

  207. I have been using your recipes for some time, and enjoying the results a great deal.
    Does America know about Doris Grant?
    I ask because I note you don’t seem to have a recipe for a loaf using ONLY wholemeal flour.
    During WW2 in Britain, there were food shortages, and wheat was milled “harder” to extract more flour, but the resulting “National Loaf” was a rather unappealing beige-coloured object. Then along came Doris Grant, a nutritionist working for the British government, who published a recipe for a wholemeal loaf at a time when, war notwithstanding, wholemeal bread was not at all popular with the population at large. It is a no-knead loaf decades before its time, and can be ready to eat in about 90 minutes or less from putting flour in a bowl, as long, that is, as you like warm bread.
    You need 16 UK oz wholemeal flour [almost exactly 3 1/2 US cups], about 13 to 14 UK fluid oz [about 1 3/4 cups US] hot water straight from the tap [faucet], 1 heaped tsp salt, TWO rounded tsp dried yeast, 1 tsp sugar, honey or molasses. Put the flour and salt in the bowl; dissolve sugar (etc.) and yeast in water. Mix till it becomes a bit “slippery” and slightly comes away from the sides of the bowl.
    Put it straight into a greased and floured 2 lb bread tin, cover it with a cloth and put it in a warm place for 35 minutes, then bake for 35 minutes at 400 F.
    It makes a very good loaf that keeps for several days.
    This is the basic version, to which I add 1 tablespoonful each of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and linseeds. Miss Grant encouraged the use of more yeast if available, “for added food value”, and I usually put a bit more honey in than just 1 tsp.
    I thought this might be of interest.

  208. Hello Steve; most of your recipes call for 16 ounces of water (Multi, Cinn-Raisin, Honey-Oat), but the Honey Whole Wheat calls for 18 ounces. Why the extra 2 ounces here? Is it that crucial??
    Thanks, Steve in Folsom, CA.

  209. I love your bread making videos and methods. So far, we have enjoyed Whole wheat bread with honey and seeds, the amazing Cinnamon Raisin and Burger Buns. I decided to be brave and branch out while waiting for my 3 cookbooks to arrive from amazon, and found a pumpernickel bread recipe that was very similar to the whole wheat bread. It did not raise well. Do you have a pumpernickel recipe perhaps? And, do you think the 2 TB cocoa powder retarded the yeast? I put in 1/2 teaspoon instead of 1/4 and left it overnight…

  210. Steve
    Loving your videos which I’ve just recently discovered via the ‘Mary’s Nest’ site.
    Got some amazing tips from her on many things.
    I’m experienced at bread making but always keen to try new things.
    Can you give me a definitive conversion of cups (of flour) to metric or imperial measurements?
    I’ve tried the illustrious ‘Julia Child’s’ ones on many of her own non bread recipies quite successfully but thought I’d just ask you directly as the information out there is conflicting.

  211. Steve, I have followed your videos, but have had little success. but I did make a Soada bread that worked that set me off. Having lived in various remote regions around the Middle East & Africa.
    I need some advice about an idea I had, Can I add a lot more rye flour and virtually eliminate white flower by adding Gluten powder? In fact I am pining for some heavy rye bread. Most of the disasters were the result of me trying to get there without the technical knowledge. I have been told many times during my 85 years that I am too independent. Your comment would be appreciated, DENIS

  212. Steve I just recently discovered your videos on YouTube and its been amazing! your recipes and techiques are just simple and fool-proof. I was hoping that you would be posting some new videos..maybe an irish soda bread. Thank you for everything and all your great breads.

  213. Steve,
    I recently bought your No Knead Bread cookbook. Have made your Cinnamon Raisin bread three time with great success. However, on the fourth time, just yesterday strange thing happened. The dough leaked out into the oven and when I took if out of the oven after cooking for the 55 min. I couldn’t get the two loaf pans appart. Once cooled down, I was able to take a knife along the pan edges and get them appart. The bread loaf had a large dip in the center. When I sliced into the loaf, it tasted fine . Wonder what could have caused this to happen.

  214. Hi Steve, first of all, thanks for the amazing videos. I can not stop watching your videos and bake bread 🙂 As a half Mediterranean and half middle eastern, I really love to eat bread for every meal. I’m living in Japan right now and baking/eating traditional bread is not so popular here. I was not able to find good/delicious bread here as you bake. Luckily I discovered your YouTube channel and started to bake bread. I guess I’m good at baking 🙂 My wife and colleagues are always asking me how did I learn to bake delicious bread. I’m just showing your channel to them. Thanks again, I wish you a healthy and long life.

  215. Hi Steve,

    I started out by watching your YouTube videos, which are great, and easy to understand. Thank you for taking the mystery out of bread making!
    I purchased your “Poor man’s Dutch Oven” book on amazon and made my first loaf of white bread over the weekend. I was amazed how easy it was. I really enjoy the flavor and texture it has. I am looking forward to trying more of your bread recipes. I’ll probably try turbo next.
    The only downside is the bread is just as tempting as a box of cookies left on the counter!

  216. Hi Steve, I happened on one of your YouTube videos last year and love how easy you’ve made bread making for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a quick question though…one of my favorite breads to make is the no-knead skillet bread. Do you happen to have a recipe for that using wheat flour. Or can I just follow the same instructions using half wheat and half white? Thanks so much for your time (from Oregon).

  217. Hi Steve–

    Love the simplicity of your recipes. We’ve made the cinnamon raisin bread and the oatmeal raisin cookies and both were awesome. And EASY!

    We were wondering–on the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, could the raisins be substituted with butterscotch chips or chocolate chips or even peanut butter chips? Would that alter anything else in the recipe? Thanks!

      1. Hi Steve!
        Yours are great bread books! I read ’em at night vs.tv. Over the years have given 25-30 to family and friends. Now several are Turbo regulars!
        You’ve made clear instant sourdough starter may be used. Are any changes indicated in proofings length-of-time? Any refrigeration indicated in the dough-crafting process? Did I miss anything!?
        Thanks. Stay well.

        1. Treat it like all the other sourdough breads you have made. The strength of your starter will determine length of proofing. Steve

  218. Hi Steve!
    I just ordered your NoKnead bread cookbook for big batches from Amazon but received notification that it is no longer available. How can I lay my hands on a copy of this? Please advise. I love making the no-knead bread, but want to make more than one loaf at a time. Thank you so much for your help.

    Cheri Battrick

    1. My records show they are available and I verified last month sales and I sold several copies of “Introduction to Making No-Knead Bread in Batches (For Restaurants, Bake Sales, Family Reunions and Other Special Occasions)”. There is a link to the cookbooks on my website (NoKneadBreadCentral.com). Steve

  219. I wanted to bake a traditional Italian Easter Bread but did not have time to knead, let rise and etc.
    I made your sweet dough for danish pastry but added 1 addtl. tbsp. sugar, a bit of anise oil, and 1/2 cup of mixed fruit cake fruit. Then followed the rest of the recipe. The dough was a bit soft and I had a little trouble braiding and making a wreath shape. I did add some uncooked dyed eggs (as is traditional) to the top of the wreath when ready to bake. Placed it on parchment paper then on a cookie sheet. When finished baking I gave it an egg yolk wash and some candy sprinkles. It turned out great and my family loved it. It was better than I expected and I am so happy I will make it again.

  220. Steve,

    You’re the man. I love your bread videos. I’ve been making awesome bread for my family. Thank you!

  221. Sorry, there were lots of typos in my last comment!
    Corrected here…

    Dear Steve,
    I like your videos because you have such a natural manner. I follow your procedures, but please could you advise?…Initially, when using these no-knead recipes, my results were lovely. But for some time now, no matter whether I use strong bread flour or regular flour, and no matter how beautiful my unbaked dough is to handle, my bread has been coming out somewhat dense in texture. Yet despite this dense-ness, it is always rather too ‘moist’. I can’t quite understand what’s happening.
    Thank you Steve,

  222. Hello Steve. Just “tried” to make your round artisan loaf using long proof method, Followed directions from exactly. Used my dutch oven. The loaf when finished was at best 3″ high. What did I do wrong?

    Thank you,

    Charlie Kowalski

    1. Dough will spread in a large Dutch oven. I now use a Lodge Enameled 3 qt cast iron Dutch oven (9-1/2”x 3-1/8”) because I like the way it shapes the loaf. Steve

  223. Steve! I bought your book on my kindle and now wish I had a hard copy or 2 or 5!!!!

    Question, If I want to make smaller loafs, how do you suggest I split the yeast? I have some older friends that couldn’t eat a whole loaf so I thought I could split it 2 or 3 ways

  224. Hi Steve
    I found your channel on YT & binge watched one afternoon. Ive been making bread the hard way. I made a single loaf of white bread last week. Then I had friends wanting some so I made 6 loaves all PMDO. Wow I bought all new pans so I could bake 3 at a time. It was very humid this morning so I’m wondering if that could be why my bread didn’t rise well on 2nd rise? I let them final rise 30-40 minutes. Do you think that’s the cause or too many loaves in the oven at a time (3)? I’m looking forward to trying more recipes & getting all of your cookbooks. Thanks for sharing your knowledge over the years

  225. Hi Steve – I made your no knead cinnamon Raisin Bread today from your YouTube video and am going to make it tomorrow. In your video you used a 4 1/2 by 8 1/2 bread pan….I do not have that. My pans are 6 inch x 3.5 inch – so I will need to split the dough in two batches. Should I still bake it at 400 and for 55min lid on and 3-15min lid off or how should I adjust? Thank you!

  226. I’m enjoying bradmaking thanks to you, but have a consistent problem with dough over-proofing during its second rise.
    IThe dough forces its way out of my PMDO or makes a gooey mess of the flour sack towel when I proof in the bowl.

    I’ve searched your books and site aforced nd done a Google search The only suggestion I found was on the King Arthur flour site. I decreased the amount of salt,
    Yesterday my loaf of your rye bread (turbo method) pushed the pans apart. i transferred the dough to a floured surface; folded the dough and let it rise a third time. I got out my enameled Dutch oven to complete the bake. The resulting loaf was edible but that vessel weighs a ton. It’s hard enough to handle when cool, let alone when pre-heated to 400 degrees…

    Please help.

    1. It isn’t the ingredients. Your second proofing temperature is to warm or to long. Only proof for 30 minutes and even less if you live in a hot humid climate. Steve

  227. Dear Steve – One of the things I find with bread making is using the right water for the dough. You always say to use cool tap water, which is fine, but in my area in Northern DE there is too much chlorine in the water and the chlorine retards the yeast. As a result I use highly filtered tap water and with that I have no issues. I’m noting this, because I wonder how many people have issues with unfiltered tap water, or iron in the water? And if they don’t have filtered water, bottled water will work fine. Over all I enjoy your book and your videos. Just too bad we never met in Middletown. Thanks Steve … John

  228. Dear Steve! We so miss your regular YouTube presence! I was a crappy bread baker till you came along!!! Thank you for your kind and patient lessons!! Please release a new video! My favourite bread is sweet and sour rye bread with caraway. Can you please come up with a recipe and let us know you are okay? Many fans have shown concern. P.s. I cried at your touching video about your beloved Zoom-Zoom. You are a lovely man and kind human being and you are very loved by your online fans. Thank you again! Xxx and thank you to your wife for sharing you with the world!!

  229. Hi Steve
    Thank you for brilliant recipes!
    I am really enjoying baking the breads and they come out beautifully, but don’t seem to get the rolls right. The balls I form after cutting the dough and then lay on a tray are really runny, bleeding into each other and not rising much. After baking for 20 min they also don’t seem to be cooked?
    This is the same consistency as when I bake the bread, although that comes out perfectly.

    Could you tell me if I am doing something wrong?
    Thank you sir!

    1. The two videos that demonstrate the technique the best are… “No-Knead Cheddar Cheese Bread & Rolls (updated)” & “No-Knead Italian Sesame Seed Bread… baked 4 ways”. Steve

  230. Steve, I live your videos and look every day to see if you have posted a new one. I pray you are doing well. I hope you cone up with new videos to keep me experimenting. Cranberry walnut bread?? Never made bread before being directed to your channel!

  231. Steve,
    Thank you very much. So glad you have found this calling. Good for you. After watching and failing with so many bread making videos, I was beginning to think this was a cult. Your video and no nonsense technique gave this 74 year old the confidence to try again at simple bread making. Amazingly, I had very good success with your regular and beer ‘no knead bread’ recipes. After earlier attempting and failing many times at sourdough bread making, I still had the starter I made. So, following your beer recipe adaptation, I adapted your ‘regular’ recipe by adding 25 grams of sourdough starter. This gave just a little sourdough flavor which has made it a favorite in our house.My personal twist to your great recipe. Thank you again and continued success.

  232. Hello Steve, I have an oven that can bake conventional or convection. I mostly use convection. Which would you recommend for no-knead breads. Thank you kindly – Jean

  233. Hello Steve, I tried you No-Knead Turbo PMDO last year using YEAST and it was perfect BUT this year I would LOVE to use your method as well.

    My DILEMMA… I am using Sourdough liquid starter(100% hydration and I have a 50%).. I do not know how to SUBSTITUTE my liquid starter for your active or bread starter.

    Would you PLEASE explain how to do this, I have not found a video from you on this matter/subject.

    Thank you,

    Ps.. I just purchased one of your books!

    1. The traditional method uses 1/4 tsp yeast. the Turbo method uses 1-1/4 tsp yeast. Bottom-line… use any amount of your starter and adjust the proofing time. Over time you will know how much starter to use and how long to proof. Steve

  234. Dear Steve, I am glad i found your youtube channel. I fell in love with your no knead artisan dinner rolls. I am gonna make it today and will try uploading some pics if possible. I subscribed to your channel. Anusha all the way from India.

  235. Super glad to see you back in action. I just watched your video clip about adjusting a recipe for size of baking container used. It might be good to see a little chart that includes container size (small loaf pan, large loaf pan, long loaf pan, etc.) next to other columns that show changes in flour, water and baking time.
    Thanks again.

  236. Steve,
    I think I love you. Not having to knead has made my millennia. I have no talent with my hands, everything I try to do with them (including writing a straight line without a line) just turns to kaka. I am hopeless. Please don’t ever ask me to make you a pie crust from scratch. I will die. You might too!

    I need to know two things. Of all your cookbooks or available videos, (I will gleefully pay for this knowledge) I need a recipe for a healthy sandwich bread, preferably using whole wheat flour or a combination of flours, as well as a recipe for a hearty, crusty bread for soups and stews. No dietary restrictions required for that one as it will be an infrequent treat.

    I have perused many of you your available videos but not finding any that tout those particular requirements. My other half has made your “introduction to baking no knead bread” a few times. Apparently, I have consumed it but don’t quite remember how “crusty” it was. He claims it was quite so, and I have made the dough for baking tomorrow to accommodate a lamb stew. I know for a fact it will be better than nothing and delicious if not as crusty as I seek.

    If you could guide me to the appropriate cookbook(s)/video(s) for my two main requirements, (healthy sandwich bread and hearty, crusty soup/stew bread it) would be most gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you so much for what you do!

  237. Steve,
    I have been using your bread method for 3 years now, and it has transformed my family’s life with fresh, healthy loaves to nourish us. Appreciate all you give to the world!
    -Dena D. Coeur d’Alene, ID

  238. Hi Steve,
    Can you give me the approximate nutrition information for the “World’s Easiest Bread Recipe” and the “My First No-Knead Bread… for Kids of all Ages” recipes, please?
    I’m looking for a bread recipe that is diabetic-friendly.
    Thank you.

    1. I do not have the nutritional values… you may want to read “https://www.everydayhealth.com/type-2-diabetes/best-worst-breads-diabetes/#:~:text=Contrary%20to%20popular%20belief%2C%20people,but%20portion%20size%20is%20key.” Steve

  239. Hi Stev, Nice to see you!

    This is Lucy from Chefavor. A brand specialized in kitchen appliances.
    I’ve followed your channel for a while, like your interesting records and deep dive into bread baking~
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  240. Steve,
    Since stumbling across your YouTube videos while looking for bread recipe’s I have become a fan.

    Not knowing how to search for it, I am looking for a stuffed noknead bread recipe (runzas, bierocks, or perhaps wrapping a slice of ham and swiss and baking it inside. I’m sure it can be done with your technique, but what should I keep in mind, and do you have a video on it?


  241. I just started making your no-knead breads & my first experiment turned out great.
    However, I noticed that you don’t use any sweetners, like sugar or honey & you don’t use oil.
    I used to make a seed bread that asked for olive oil & honey so I put it in your recipe for grain bread, used seeds instead & it turned out great.
    But why don’t you call for sugar/honey or oil?
    I had always thought yeast needed sugar.

  242. Steve,
    Do you have a recipe for no knead pumpernickle bread. I just love all your no knead breads. Your deli rye is to die for, best bread ever. Thanks

  243. Hi Steve, I have tried several of your Turbo recipes and the two that I am most happy with are the baguettes and the loaf baked in a skillet. I reduced the ingredients to make two baguettes instead of three and that works for us. I have tried the PMDO, an open loaf pan and the skillet method and all have worked.

    The one question I do have, however, is why is it so hard to make toast with this bread. It doesn’t seem to want to brown in the toaster.

  244. Hi Mr. Steve. Looooove your method and all your breads. I have a question. Can I make any no knead recipe a turbo recipe just by using warm liquid and proofing? So very happy to have found you on YouTube, baked and eaten your bread and shared you with friends!!

  245. Hi Steve

    I made your raisin bread it came out perfect. I used fresh milled hard red wheat and sucanat for the sugar instead of the brown sugar.

    The bread had a bitter taste. The wheat berries are fresh. Could you please tell me why the bread had a bitter taste. Thank you

  246. Steve you need to write an autobiography or memoir or a blog post. I’d like to read about how you went from banking to baking.

  247. Steve! I have been making all my own bread since I started with you two years ago!!! You make it so clear, easy & wonderful. Thanks!

    Now, I have always wanted to learn how to make pie crusts & it’s now or never. I just started one today from an online source & already it’s a disaster. Just thought I needed a Steve pie maker person.

    Do you have a pie crust with instructions in your repertoire that you could share.

    I’m 82 so I don’t have long to learn this.

    Thanks, Pat Reilly

    1. I have videos for sweet rolls and a cookbook (World’s Easiest Sweet Roll Recipes), but it doesn’t included Kolache. Steve

  248. Good day – LOVE the books and the videos. I shared your “sock puppet” no-knead bread video with a lot of friends over the first COVID lockdowns, and they loved the results, with many of them still baking bread because you have an accessible and predictable recipe & technique.

    One question from the Brioche recipe e-book. When you mention “10 Tbsp melted Butter” in the Basic recipe in the book, does that mean 10 T of solid butter that you melt, or 10T of already-melted butter? If you have a weight equivalent, that would be cool, too.

    Keep up the OUTSTANDING work!

  249. Steve, you make SO MANY PEOPLE happy with your website, Youtube channel, books, and personality. Your approach to the Internet is exactly the way the Internet SHOULD be used; it is nothing but GOOD! Best of luck, happiness, satisfaction, peace, and health to you! You make a difference!

    (9:15 am in NYC: time to make a 9″ pizza!)

  250. Steve,
    I started baking breads right before the pandemic because of one of Jenny Jones’ videos. Her YouTube channel brought me to yours, and I’ve used your recipes ever since. My latest creation is to use the honey oatmeal bread dough, but make it into ciabatta roles instead. It worked! And if anyone asks about them, suggest that they use an egg wash. I experimented, brushing half of the rolls: the egg washed ones were superior.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  251. Steve,
    On one your videos you use a light blue small Dutch oven as the baking vessel. I really like the way it shapes the bread to create a taller more vertical loaf. Can you share the specs on that Dutch oven (brand, qt. size, interior diameter, etc.). Thanks!

  252. Your PMDO is genius!! I have hated preheating a heavy dutch oven and removing it from a screaming hot oven to place the bread inside for baking. The PMDO is light weight and no preheating. Love the idea so much. Now, I have a quick question. I like round loaves and was wondering if you can bake your recipes in a 8″ or maybe a 6″ deep cake pan? Clip them together and get a nice round loaf without lugging out the regular dutch oven. Thanks so much for your quick recipes. I have your book and am making a new recipe each week.

  253. Steve

    You’re the best. I have been baking bread off and on for about 14 years. I always enjoyed the product of my labor even when it wasn’t perfect. Some loaves were worthy of serving to guests — some not. But, since I discovered “nokneadbreadcentral.com”, all but one loaf can be called perfect. (I think I figured out my mistake on that one and I don’t plan to repeat it)

    I guess I’m feeling adventurous . . . so, here are my few questions:
    ° Can you point me in the direction of how to make a sprouted grain loaf?
    ° Is there a way to make a sourdough no knead loaf?

    I’ve never made either variety “the hard way” and don’t wish to. So, I look forward to your response!

    Steve B

    1. Yes, you can use the no-knead bread method for sourdough… just add the starter and skip the yeast as you would with any other sourdough. And, you can use sprouted wheat flour. I generally use a 50/50 blend with bread flour. Steve

  254. Duh – where was my common sense about a no knead keto bread. Thanks for not laughing.

    Can I use your puma dough as focaccia dough or do you have another recipe for that? Thanks again for you!

  255. Hi. I made my first loaf of basic country style bread in a bread pan and, while very tasty, it’s a bit dense and heavy. My first proof (overnight) seemed just fine, doubled in size, etc. Second proof was for 30 minutes and I’m thinking it should have been longer. How do you determine if the 2nd proofing is finished properly.

    Thank you,
    Gary Mertl

      1. Thanks, I understand that. I was just wondering how to tell when the 2nd proofing is finished.

  256. Hi Steve,
    Love your recipe for multigrain and olive breads. Excellent!

    Do you have a recipe for rye bread? I attempted it and failed with your olive bread instructions. It was in the oven for 30 minutes more than recommended but came out hard on the outside and uncooked on the inside.
    It was pure rye flour.

    Appreciate your skills!


  257. Hi Steve,
    With the war in Ukraine, wheat will be getting more expensive. How do I make your breads, and turbo breads with regular flour?

    1. A-P flour is ok (maybe a little wetter), but bread flour is better. If you’re going to use a-p flour all the ingredients remain the same. And, if you’re going to make bread on a regular basis it is worth buying bread flour. Steve

  258. Your fans would love it if you were active on YouTube again. I just ordered your book & look forward to trying all of the recipes.

    I’ve shared your YouTube videos with all my friends, & on social media. We would love to see more videos. Thanks for sharing your techniques & recipes with the world, Steve.

  259. Wanted to make some cheese bread and didn’t want it in a loaf pan so I bought 2 Hongbake 8″ cake pans from Amazon and they worked perfectly. They are deep and have a flat edge for a tight fit when clipping and are non stick. Works great as a round PMDO. Wish I could include a photo but this is a great alternative to heavy dutch ovens. You don’t need to preheat the pans. They are light weight. Was really pleased. Love this method. Oh, by the way, the cheese bread is delicious, Steve. Thanks. I will never go back to traditional baking. You are a genius.

  260. One more quick question. I’ve tried the cinnamon raisin bread about four times and while I can smell the cinnamon when it’s baking I can’t taste it and neither can some of the folks I’ve gifted a loaf. I know you said cinnamon kills the yeast but can we had more cinnamon without affecting the recipe? Thanks again.

  261. Hi Steve!

    I just discovered your YouTube channel and just wanted to reach out to thank you for your wonderful bread recipes! You make baking easy! I appreciate you! Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  262. Hello Steve.
    I have a quick question. What is the internal size of your oven? Better yet what is the model #. I believe it is an Oster Oven.
    Since I’ve started baking your no knead bread, I haven’t heard anything other than praise for the taste and how good the bread is.
    My Grandmother (farmer) made the best bread in the county. I never was able to get her recipe before she passed, so I started experimenting. I finally was able to replicate her bread recipe and my father confirmed that it was exactly as Grandma’s. Now I want to do the recipe as a no-knead.

    Thanks for the help on the oven,

  263. Steve I went to my local butcher shop and bought some Hi Temp cheese for the chesse bread that you taught me to make. It works great amd does not melt into the bread as much.

  264. Steve, I have two 8x4ish silicone loaf pans that will not “meet up” together to put binder clips on in order to create a PMDO. Do you have a work around for thi, or can I just bake separately, without a topper? Unfortunately, I just discovered that I couldn’t clip them together as I was waiting for my bread to proof🙁. Looking forward to your response. By for now, Terry

    1. 8×4 is a bit small… you way want to get an 8-1/2 x 4-1/2 pan or reduce the recipe by 1/2 cup flour and 2 oz water. And, it is ok to bake without a lid. Steve

  265. Steve, I just got a new oven with convection. I’ve been making your no knead turbo wheat bread for a long time and we love it! Can I use my convection option and reduce the temp to 375 and reduce the time to 30 min?

  266. I’ve been seeing so much about air fryers and with the rising cost of electricity, I was wondering if it’s possible to make bread, scones etc in an air fryer?

  267. Could you demo unleavened pizza dough?
    Using ?????

    3 cups all purpose flour
    1 cup warm water
    1 tbsp e. v. olive oil
    1/2 tsp salt
    Add flour to bowl. Make small well and add salt and warm water.
    Mix together with spoon for a few seconds, when dough starts to come together add e. v. olive oil.

  268. Steve;
    I don’t get the same full rise that you get. Maybe I need to make my dough less moist?

    1. Warmer proofing temperature, longer proofing time and/or smaller bread pan (8-1/2″ x 4-1/2″) may give you the results you want. Steve

  269. Steve!
    Thanks a million! Your recipes have enhanced my life for sure. Is it possible to halve the recipes, and what would this mean for baking times?

  270. Love your website. My favorite so far is the garlic bread. I brush the top with an egg wash and sprinkle “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning. It’s fabulous. Also tried the cheese bread in the dutch oven. Very good. Thank you for sharing these awesome recipes. It is so great not to have to knead the dough. Great for old bodies like mine!

  271. Came here to say Thank you again for some very good recipes – I just love your content. I always direct people who want to learn to make bread over to your channel. Eagerly awaiting a new upload to you tube – hope all is well with you and Beth you have been on my mind lately.

  272. Your YouTube videos gave me the courage during the lock-down to learn to bake my own bread, now I do NOT purchase “store bread”, THANK YOU! I have done a little experimenting with some of your recipes but not always successful. I use your Beer bread recipe all the time and would like to try using Hard Cider as a replacement for the beer. Does there need to be any adjustments in the yeast or liquid measurements with the use of Hard Cider?

  273. Hi Steve, my wife & I love your videos! We noticed that you haven’t posted a new video in over a year. We’re both concerned & hope you are doing well! Bob & Deb

  274. You haven’t posted in so long. I hope you’re well.

    I really appreciate your videos. I make my own bread at least once a month now. It’s so good to know I am choosing natural ingredients. No L-Cysteine in my bread! Thank you !!

    In case anyone is wonder what that is, and GROSS it’s in most cheap commercially produced bread. “According to the FDA, L-Cysteine is generally regarded as safe for consumption. This amino acid is commonly used as a dough conditioner in bread-making, as it helps to improve the texture and shelf-life of bread. L-Cysteine can be derived from a variety of sources, including human hair, duck feathers, and hog hair.”

  275. Steve,
    I live in Fort Lauderdale and have been following your YouTube channel for years and have two of your cookbooks. Each recipe I have tried has turned out perfect. I love the way you explain everything, and I have turned many of my friends on to your YouTube channel to subscribe to.

    I am very fond of focaccia bread. Goodness, I could eat up a single loaf in one sitting. I have tried to find an artisan recipe or regular recipe on your channel and in the two cookbooks I have of yours and cannot find it. Is focaccia bread not susceptible to artisan baking? I would love to hear why and I wish you and your wife a Happy Thanksgiving coming up next week.
    Thank you,

    1. I have a Mediterranean Focaccia recipe in my “Introduction to No-Knead Pizza, Restaurant Style Flatbread & More” cookbook. Instead of adding topping on top… I add them to the dough. Steve

  276. Steve-I bought a stoneware bread pan could not find the Sasafrass model. It is an Emile Henry 15X6.25 by 3 inches or 2.6 liters. Do any of your recipes fill that size pan? I am waiting for AMAZON to send your Books I am subscribed qand have great luck with Boules and bagettes but no luck with loafs

  277. Dear Steve, greeting from beautiful sunny South Africa, Klein Karoo. I need your guidance please, what recipe book would you recommend I purchase. Due to my guest house work I want to prepare bread at night, but bake it the next morning early so serve to guests at 08h00 am. Most guests are European so they do not favor white bread as much but prefer bread with seeds, bit or ray flour etc. I want to use your PMDO technique. Are there breads that I can bake the night before, and still be “fresh” the next morning? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. If you’re just going to make bread get “28 Popular No-Knead Breads”. If you will at time want to make roles, pizza, etc. get “My No-Knead Bread Cookbook”. Steve

  278. Hi Steve
    If you doble the recipe to 6 cups of flour etc. for a pmdo do you double the cooking time or what? Looking forward to any advice.


  279. Steve,

    I have been using your No-Knead process for a couple years, now. The dough is pourable – just the way I like it.

    Are you planning on doing any Gluten-free breads?
    Or are yours adaptable?

    Keep up the good work!

  280. I am just here to say to Steve, you’ve changed my life! I haven’t bought store-made bread for myself since you taught me how to make no-knead. I just popped a loaf of your deli rye into my proofing oven for its first rise (using 1 tsp. of cocoa for color). Thank you again for your contribution to all of our lives! ♥🍞

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